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*SproutCore 1.8.0 (March 06, 2012)*
* Bumped the gem version to 1.8.0
* Bumped SC to REL-1.8.0
* Merge pull request #84 from pulletsforever/dwk/manifest.appcache
* Merge pull request #74 from dkduck/redirect-fix
* Figuring out how to use the language generator properly was hard to decipher, so I made the first argument the target app and the second argument the language. If no target app is given, it falls back to the default behaviour, which requires a target.
* Fixed documentation of app and statechart_app generators.
* Removed the statechart_project generator. It was identical to the project generator.
* Bumped version to 1.8.0 and bumped SC framework to latest.
* Add --statechart switch support when using sc-gen app or sc-gen project (not that it has an effect with sc-gen project, but someday it may).
* Removed templates for html_app.
* Removed deprecated options and removed --template which doesn't create a skeleton useful for a 1.8 project.
* Fixed --dry-run option to work for sc-init and sc-gen.
* Updated app.manifest to be manifest.appcache per
* Merge pull request #81 from sproutcore/team/workmanw/windows-spriting-fix
* Bumped SC version.
* The :mini framework (which was empty) has been removed from SproutCore for 1.8.
* Added check before writing chance stuff to a file. If it's writing a png file it will be written as binary. This fixes spriting on Windows, previously newlines were converted to CRLF on Windows.
* Merge pull request #79 from sproutcore/team/workmanw/sc-init-template-buildfile-fix
* Updated abbot's Buildfile templates to reflect the changes made to sproutcore/master regarding moving the template system out of 'core_foundation' and into it's own framework 'template_view'.
* This only returned the lines that matched and removed those that didn't.
* Merge public branch
* Merge pull request #76 from ChadEubanks/master
* fixed a typo in description.
* updated init.rb to call a statechart_project upon creation of an app using the --statechart switch and included a description of the inital files created in the statechart_project INIT file.
* fixed indentation of the statechart.js file.
* moved statechart.js to root of app directory, set up the statechart with just an initial ready state, and revised the property readyState to have proper casing.
* updated statecharts switch to be --statechart and revised the generated code for statechart_app.
* Modified abbot to have a state switch on sc-init. This builds a new sproutcore project with statecharts by default.
* Modified abbot to have a state switch on sc-init. This builds a new sproutcore project with statecharts by default.
* updated sc-init to include statecharts out of the box.
* Merging public branch
* Bumping js library submodule
* Preprocess JSON files for static_urrl
* Instead of overriding "readlines" everywhere, add a new "read" method and use that instead...
* fixes a bug with automatically following redirects to external hosts
* Typo. The proper setting is : connect_timeout
* em-http changed the single :timeout setting to separate :inactivity_timeout and :connection_timeout settings, so this exposes these timeouts to the proxy config. Note, this still works with current Buildfiles since proxy[:timeout] is mapped over to :inactivity_timeout of em-http.
* More complete fix for #69, thanks rykov!
* Ruby 1.8 only allows splats for the last argument - Fixes #69
* Updated StaticHelper to include the image_urls_for_client function
* Typo prevented skipping of `top-right`
*SproutCore 1.7.1.beta (August 30, 2011)*
* When the file hits the 4096 CSS selectors limit in IE , the tools will split the files.
* Sprites are now optimized to use space in the most optimal way, to reduce
memory foot print generated by a lot of extra transparent space.
* Layout.js will be always first when building the js files , just as strings.js (Layout.js includes loc metrics)
* Added security feature for dev environment. By default sc-server can only be used from your local machine unless you set a flag.
* Sprites is again the default for abbot after several perf problems with base64 urls across different browsers.
* Minification is optimized again to minify the index.html.
* Fixes for whitelist, when the name filenames include the 'html' string.
* Several bug fixes for speed and reliability of whitelisting.
* Fixed retina display styling.
* Fixed --help command line option.
* Updated abbot gem dependencies.
*SproutCore 1.6.0 (June 09, 2011)*
* Code cleanup + Stream the headers and body directly across the proxy as they arrive, which will work with streaming APIs like Twitter
* Merge pull request #53 from publickeating/master
* Fixed variable typo
* Rewritten to make the proxy non-blocking. Probably needs some real-world hardening.
* Added sc_static support to handlebars and did some test cleanup
* Should fix broken module building - Fixes #58
* Fixed sc-docs warning
* Switch absolute_path to expand_path for Ruby 1.8 compatibility
* Bumped RSpec Dependency
*SproutCore 1.6.0.rc.2 (May 23, 2011)*
* Allow for absolute build_prefix
* We don't need to split for windows
* Fixed language generator - Fixes #44
* Fixed CLI --target flag
* Makes code less readable is more like it!
* We don't need this hack anymore
* simplified ruby compatibility code in lib/sproutcore.rb
* Soften dependencies to allow use SproutCore in Rails 3.1
* Don't hash SCSS paths after all, instead santize
* Don't need a check, the gem requires haml
* Compass requires chunky_png
* cleaned up a few return calls on methods of helpers/text_helper
* refactored textilize method in helpers/text_helper
* refactored textilize_without_paragraph method in helpers/text_helper
* Removed documentation tools, use sc-docs gem instead
* Fixed issue with default load files that broke modules
* Fixes to README
* Fixed the renamed History.txt and README.txt (to *.rdoc) in the Gemspec.
* Suffix History and Todo with .rdoc
* Renamed the README so that it displays nice on Github
* refactored do_misc method on helpers/cssmin
* Removed Rake release nopush option
* refactored shorten_colors method on helpers/cssmin
* refactored remove_spaces method on helpers/cssmin
* remove #replace_ext
* When the host or the port has changed, we should really redirect
* redefine the headers['Host'] every time
* removing the port from the address breaks any redirect which is not on port 80
*SproutCore 1.6.0.rc.1 (May 16, 2011)*
* More Rakefile improvements
* Real changelog tasks
* Added get_allowed_keys to DRY up the retrieval of options
* DRY up the init task
* Added in sc-build args that were in documentation but not implemented - Fixes #429
* Added copyright_block method to centralize template copyright generation
* Commited missing fixtures for tests
* Handle SCRIPT_NAME properly when sproutcore server is mounted
* Fixed test name typos
* Try to load APP_NAME.js in addition to core.js - Fixes #413
* Updated haml and compass dependencies
* Fixed issue where the javascript building got in a fight with the YUI compressor (I think). See
* Less noisy RSpec
* Rakefile release task
* Add handlebars files to the entries
* fixed bug in the require of generated models
* Adding touch_enabled flag to avoid having the touch icons included (default is still true)
* Correct behavior of sc_require in Chance.
* Made modules SC.Objects instead of just hashes
* Fix to chance to avoid a Windows error
* Change jQuery.ready() to SC.ready() in HTML template, which allows SC.RootResponder to attach event listeners before the app runs.
* Changed the generators so they create more descriptive names. Before, we had lots of files with the same name, which was confusing in editors and in the webkit inspector. This solves that problem.
* Adding timestamp to sc-build logger, thanks Tony Sung
*SproutCore 1.6.0.beta.3 (May 10, 2011)*
* Fixed framework issues that cause sc-build to fail
*SproutCore 1.6.0.beta.2 (May 10, 2011)*
* Framework updates
* Less noisy packager task
*SproutCore 1.6.0.beta.1 (May 8, 2011)*
* Better dependencies for Windows
* Proxy improvements when sending DELETE requests
* Fixed processing of GIFs and JPEGs
* Uses newer version of Thin
* Uses newer version of YUI Compressor
*SproutCore 1.5.0 (April 19, 2011)*
* Fixed description for init, docs and gen tasks
* Fix for proxy: DELETE method requests can contain body
* Fixes to CSS @import/sc_require
* Better 'port in use' error message for sc-server
*SproutCore 1.5.0.rc.2 (April 11, 2011)*
* Fixed a compatibility issue with Windows environments
*SproutCore 1.5.0.rc.1 (April 1, 2011)*
* Made it possible to share index.html across multiple languages vs. duplicating it for each.
* Fixed spriting support related regressions
* sc-build speed improvements
* Added support for @debug statements which allow you to mark blocks of code only for debugging purposes.
* Introduce some new safe-guards for the parallelization of minification
* Refactored how Chance is invoked by the buildtools
* Made Chance minify the CSS
* Added verbose logging about the whitelisting feature
* Fixed bugs with the modular loading feature of sproutcore that caused the modules not to refresh during development
* Refactored the spriting support of Chance
* Added a first-draft of a Chance unit test runner, similar to the existing rake test runner, but based on file output not method output
* Added support for rmagick, allowing us to preprocess jpegs and gifs in addition to pngs
* Fixed the -r --include-required build flags when used in conjunction with the --build-targets flag in the buildtools which caused missing building and minifying of targets
* Prevented the buildtools from generating CSS files unnecessarily
* Updated unit tests
* Bug fixes throughout
*SproutCore 1.5.0.pre.5 (March 16, 2011)*
* Fixes Ruby 1.8 support
* Fixes UTF-8 encoding issues
* Improves speed of unit tests
* Slice JPEGs and GIFs with Chance
*SproutCore 1.5.0.pre.4.1 (March 1, 2011)*
* Fix bug in SC.TemplateCollectionView that was causing Todos demo not to work
in Firefox.
* Added default CSS for HTML-based projects.
*SproutCore 1.5.0.pre.4 (February 28, 2011)*
* We are beginning to move API that we don't believe will be ready before 1.5
release into the `experimental` framework. If your apps rely on code that is
migrated to experimental, please make sure you include it as a dependency. For
more, please see frameworks/experimental/
* Support for extending classes after they've been created with the
reopen()/enhance() combo. For more, see: [this
* This change may break existing code if you call sc_super() in your mixins.
If your app throws exceptions after updating, please see [this post](
* Added SC.TemplateView and Handlebars. These allow you to specify the content
of your views using templates.
* {{#view}} helper allows you to define child views
* {{#bind}} helper allows you to render a property, and automatically update DOM if that
property ever changes.
* {{#collection}} helpers allows you to render a simple collection of items
using templates
* SC.TextFieldSupport and SC.CheckboxSupport mixins for SC.TemplateViews
that wrap <input> elements.
* Split SC.View into units of functionality. SC.View remains functionally the
same, but you can now use SC.CoreView, a light-weight subset of SC.View.
* SC.ImageView will use a <canvas> tag on platforms that support it, which
improves performance significantly.
* SC.SegmentedView now creates an overflow menu if there are too many segments
to display.
* Class names for SC.SegmentedView have been cleaned up. You may need to
update your CSS if you were theming SC.SegmentedView.
* You can now observe the contents of enumerables using the special `@each`
* Dependent keys can accept property paths. For example, you can say
.property(''), and it will be invalidated if the `bar` property of
`foo` changes.
* Deprecated SC.viewportOffset(). Please use SC.offset() instead, which is
more explicit about what it returns.
* SC.browser now detects Android devices.
* SC.device.orientation now works reliably on desktop, iOS, and Android 2.1
and above.
* Experimental support for gyroscope information, if provided by the browser.
* Unit tests for runtime, desktop, foundation, core_foundation, and datastore
are all passing.
*SproutCore 1.5.0.pre.3 (February 3, 2011)*
* More fixes to Ruby 1.8/1.9 compat
*SproutCore 1.5.0.pre.2 (February 2, 2011)*
* Minor code cleanup
* Fixed Ruby 1.8 issues
*SproutCore 1.5.0.pre.1 (February 1, 2011)*
* Integrated Chance
* UTF-8 encoding fixes
* Improved minification and packing
* Add HTML5 application cache manifest configuration options and also disable in debug by default
* Deferred loading
* Fixes for css media query minifications
* Added .manifest and .htm into the default acceptable files
* Add --yui_minification flag to switch between closure compiler and yui compressor for minification
* Set PreferredLanguage earlier
* Changes to be able to build multiple languages
*SproutCore 1.4.5 (January 25, 2011)*
*Got Specs running again*
*Updated Copyrights*
*Added RSpec task back into Rakefile*
*Fixed issue with :combine_javascripts => false crashing*
*Corrected references to the old sproutit repo*
*SproutCore 1.4.4 (November 12, 2010)*
* Support for custom mime-types
* Pass in SC.build_mode to the app
*SproutCore 1.4.3 (October 19, 2010)*
* Better handling of Proxy Redirect
* Handle cases of missing net/https - Fixes #7
* Proxy: Use port 443 if secure and no port specified
* Fixes to Proxy Redirect support
* Fixes to SSL
* Cleanup to Builders - Fixes #2
* Wiped the old Rakefile since it wasn't applicable anymore
*SproutCore 1.4.2 (October 1, 2010)*
* Ignore swp files
* find_entry should not match partial filenames
* Made sc_static RegExp not greedy
* Fixed redundancy in sc-init description
* Fixes to allow uppercase files to be found by sc_require.
*SproutCore 1.4.1 (September 21, 2010)*
* Fixed string escaping issue in call to YUI Compressor [PDW]