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Commits on Jun 15, 2012
  1. weave with shader

Commits on Jun 14, 2012
  1. X11: video ref clock fix

Commits on Jun 13, 2012
  1. X11: resolution fixes

  2. X11: squash me later

  3. Correct inverted weave stipple pattern

    stuart authored committed
Commits on Jun 10, 2012
  1. Allow VDPAU to use new weavex2 deinterlace method

    stuart authored committed
  2. Use new weavex2 deinterlace method

    stuart authored committed
  3. Introduce new weaveX2 deinterlace method

    stuart authored committed
  4. Support weaving previous and current frame

    stuart authored committed
  5. @anssih

    whitelist WIP

    anssih authored committed
  6. @anssih

    added: log wrapper for ALSA errors

    anssih authored committed
  7. @anssih

    rewritten: ALSA device enumeration and selection code

    anssih authored committed
    The current ALSA device enumeration code steps through all the hardware
    ALSA cards and devices while trying to guess the symbolic "hdmi" and
    "iec958" names that will be used with ALSA. It misses any virtual
    devices, such as "pulse" or "default". In addition, it didn't have any
    handling for "surroundXX", which is needed on many cards to get
    multi-channel analog output. Also, it didn't find "iec958" devices that
    have no separate hardware device from the analog device, like on USB
    sound cards.
    Solve those issues by rewriting the ALSA device handling code to use the
    ALSA device name hints to determine which devices should be used. This
    is the same method "aplay -L" uses.
    The code will automatically use the correct front/surround40/surround51/
    surround71 device depending on the amount of channels requested. This is
    achieved with a magic "@" in the beginning of the device string, which
    will be replaced with the wanted base device name ("front",
    "surround51", etc.). In addition, the "sysdefault" and "default"
    dmix-enabled (allowing shared usage) outputs will be automatically used
    when available, for stereo streams that have the same sample rate as the
    ALSA dmix mixer has (normally 48000Hz).
    The enumeration code will now add a preferred "Default" device, which is
    the ALSA default device. This allows XBMC to follow the system-wide
    configuration, so that when the user e.g. modifies /etc/asound.conf or
    changes environment variables ($ALSA_CARD etc.), XBMC will follow those.
    The device name of the "Default" device will be either "default" or "@",
    depending on if the default device needs "surroundXX" mangling for
    multichannel support (normal analog devices need it, but if the ALSA
    default is e.g. the pulseaudio sound server, it is not needed nor
    Also, additional differentation (device number and/or card id) is now
    added to the device names when identical names were found by
    Additionally, the AES parameters are now set even when not using
    passthrough for S/PDIF and HDMI devices as specified by IEC 60958.
    The code will fallback to not setting the parameters since it may
    sometimes fail if e.g. using a custom device that does not accept them.
    The behavior of setting parameters (channel count, sample rate) is not
  8. fix append in tini xml

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