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Audio out of sync with deinterlacing enabled #85

fritsch opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Playing the following Lip Sync test while having "Deinterlace" on Auto or Enabled results in bad Audio Sync Values (> 1000% error) therefore Audio and Video are not in Sync anymore.

Disabling "Deinterlace" makes it stable again.


This is an issue on latest frodo and also on openelec 2.0 rc2


It seems that there are again missing reference pictures causing issues:

11:58:05 T:139849757423360 ERROR: ffmpeg[4F1CF700]: [h264] Missing reference picture
11:58:05 T:139850480744320 ERROR: Previous line repeats 29 times.


I am wondering why it thinks it is interlaced:

Frame rate : 23.976 fps

Haven't seen a 23.976 interlaced sample yet.


Jep - thought the same. media info does not reveal that fact. I also did not know that BBC transmits via 23.976 always thought they do 50i ... perhaps someone transcoded it in a fubar way?


Maybe it was telecined and broadcasted 59.94 and the interlaced flag was not reset after reversal. I know the interlaced flag is not reliable.


ping, status?

@fritsch fritsch closed this

hehe, this ping left the galaxy and returned finally


Yeah, I forgot it for a long time ...

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