if "play next video automatically" enabled, selecting any video plays 1st video in list #99

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This must have been introduced in the last day or so. Yesterday's xbmc-xvba-testing build was OK, but this morning's wasn't, and the problem still shows when building current master from source:

If "Play next video automatically" is enabled, when you select any video to play, what plays instead is the first video in whatever list you're selecting it from.

ie: go to a tv show, go to a specific season, try to play any video, the first video in that season plays. Go to "all seasons" and try to play any video, the first episode in the all-seasons view plays. Same in Movies, same in non-library sources.

Hitting "Info" and then "Play" from the info dialogue, you get the right file playing.

Disable "Play next video automatically" and you get the right file playing.


belatedly an xbmclog for what it's worth http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=21762 where it starts playing the wrong file at line 763. But there's nothing I can see in the log that indicates I chose a different file let alone a reason why it would have overridden me; except the sequence of Down-presses right beforehand followed by starting to play an 01x01 episode. (But even then there's more Down-presses logged than I would have done - I was trying to play 01x11 - but that may just be a remote-input artefact I guess.)


I am not familiar with that part of the code. Could you please report this issue in the forum in case it does still exist.


I can't reproduce this now either. And as this one didn't wander off into other subjects, I'll close it myself. :-)

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