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v0.9.0 Developer Preview

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@AlekSi AlekSi released this 31 Jan 15:49
· 368 commits to main since this release

What's Changed

We are pleased to announce our first Developer Preview release!

This release adds an initial implementation of aggregation pipelines. For now, only the $match and $count stages are implemented. Additional stages will be implemented in future releases.

This release also pushes more filtering queries to the backend, significantly improving their speed. Again, more will be implemented in future releases.

New Features 🎉

Fixed Bugs 🐛

  • Fix error types and array handling when dot notation is used with $set operator by @rumyantseva in #1795
  • Fix $inc operator panics for non-existing array index by @chilagrow in #1787
  • Fix $set operator to apply correct comparison by @chilagrow in #1814

Enhancements 🛠

Documentation 📄

Other Changes 🤖

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