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@AlekSi AlekSi released this 23 Oct 13:50
· 240 commits to main since this release

What's Changed

New PostgreSQL backend

The new PostgreSQL backend is now enabled by default. You can still enable the old backend with --postgresql-old flag or FERRETDB_POSTGRESQL_OLD=true environment variable, but it will be removed in the next release.

Default SQLite directory for Docker images

Our Docker images (but not binaries and .deb / .rpm packages) now use /state directory for the SQLite backend.
That directory is also a Docker volume, so data will be preserved after the container restart by default.

arm/v7 packages

We now provide linux/arm/v7 binaries, Docker images, and .deb / .rpm packages.

New Features 🎉

Fixed Bugs 🐛

Enhancements 🛠

Documentation 📄

Other Changes 🤖

New Contributors

All closed issues and pull requests.
All commits.