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@@ -4,42 +4,43 @@ A Python 2.7/3.x IRC bot based on the blackbox IRC module
Official IRC help channel can be found at or (Port 6667) in #hacking
Python 2.7.2 or 3.x
blackbox IRC Macros `(Develop Branch) <>`_
blackBox is a great module that's built over the IRC protocol. It's used here to manage connections to an IRC server.
Optional Dependencies
`requests <>`_
Requests is a very nice 'frontend' to urllib2 and is used widely across WhergBot plugins.
`wordnik <>`_
We use the wordnik API in ./Plugins/
`python-mpd <>`_
For all you MPD users, there is a working mpd plugin.
All of these can be installed with Pip, and is probably the easiest way.
Simply run "python -n" to generate a new configuration file.
WhergBot will then run with that configuration.
I have *NOT* tested WhergBot on all platforms, therefore some plugins may not work.
Each plugin requires a 'hooks' dictionary attribute, which contains a regex of the
command as a key and a list containing the command to call, access level required,
and a bool for hostchecking.
For example:
- hooks = {
- "^@Hi" : [HelloWorld, 5, False]
- }
+ hooks = { "^@Hi" : [HelloWorld, 5, False] }
Will hook a "@Hi" command that calls HelloWorld (example below) only
if the user has level 5 or higher access.

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