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Bionics4Education Kit

Bionics4Education is an innovating learning environment which gets inspired of the beauty of nature.

Within a project-based learning experience educators can emphasizes their students creativity, innovation and problem solving. The bionics kit from Festo consists of components with which three different nature-inspired animal robots can be built according to the model of Festo's bionics projects. All robots are controlled by a microcontroller whose source code is provided here.

You are looking for further activities with the Bionics4Education Kit? Check out our DIY-Projects. After you get some additional material like some sensors, cables, resistors or a LED you can programm the animals individually and explore the world of Bionics. Here on our website you can watch the Videos how it will look like when you succeeded the different tasks.

Update Update Update We have a new update of the Bionics4Education Kit software where we improved the connectivity with smartphones to the microcontroller. Just download the new release Bionics-Kit Software v2.0.0 here. Unzip the downloaded zip file and navigate to bionics kit folder. You now either can upload the source code via the Arduino IDE (see our portable version on our Website) or you flash your microcontroller via the executable batch file. Therefore, navigate into to folder flash_file_batch and execute the Bionics-Kit_Software_v.2.0.0.bat as admin.


Bionic Flower

The Bionic Flower is a robot flower inspired by the world of plants. The Bionic Flower opens and closes its petals as a reaction to external influences such as touch, approximity or light. Students can explore these mechanisms in a playful way using sensors and control technology. You can find the firmware of the Bionic Fower here

Want to start program it yourself? No problem. Just look into our Bionic Flower Basic example. If you downloaded the Arduino Portable Version from our Website you will find the examples within the Sketchbook folder within the Arduino IDE or otherwise just here on GitHub.



A detailed description on how to flash the microcontroller of the Bionics4Education Kit and how to install the needed software can be found here.

Update Update Update If you don't want to download and install die Arduino IDE manually, you can download an Arduino Portable Version from our Website. This version has all necessary and pre-installed settings so it gives you an easierer and faster way to jump into coding yourself. Just download the .zip file and follow our instructions.

License and credits

Within this project different libraries and development frameworks has been used by developing the source code.

Arduino-ESP32 library of Espresif is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Arduino libraries of Arduino are distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Arduino IDE is developed and maintained by the Arduino team. The sdk is licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License.

ESP-IDF is the official development framework for the ESP32 chip and is distributed under the Apache License.