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Rethinking the injector

Example types of injectables:

  • :current_user => A class that we need to instantiate and call #call on to get the current_user.
  • :session_min_age_function => A function value that can be injected as-is.
  • :user_finder => Sometimes a constant, sometimes the name of a class that needs to be instantiated.
  • :session_creation_service => The name of a class that gets instantiated before it gets injected.


Do we want to make decorators first class? My inclination is to say yes. I'd love to have something that looked like this:

objectify.decorate "objectify_auth/session_creation_service" => ["objectify_auth/session_creation_service/with_email", "objectify_auth/session_creation_service/with_last_pageview"]

The above would mean that in the following case:

class ObjectifyAuth::SessionCreationService::WithEmail
  def initialize(session_creation_service)
    @session_creation_service = session_creation_service

  def call(user, session), session)
    session[:e] =

class ObjectifyAuth::SessionCreationService::WithLastPageview
  def initialize(session_creation_service, time)
    @session_creation_service = session_creation_service
    @time = time

  def call(user, session), session)
    session[:l] =

...WithEmail's session_creation_service parameter would resolve to the base SessionCreationService, and WithLastPageview's session_creation_service parameter would resolve to the WithEmail instance.

Also, the ability to override decorations at the resource or action level:

objectify.resources :pictures, :decorate => {:picture_creation_service => :generic_service_instrumentation}

Also, injectables in general:

objectify.resources :pictures, :resolve => {:storage_service => :s3_storage_service}
objectify.resources :videos, :resolve => {:storage_service => :riak_storage_service}

Ideas on API

objectify.resolvers :current_user => "objectify_auth/current_user" # this would automatically append "Resolver"
objectify.injectables :session_min_age_function => lambda { 1.month.ago },
                      :user_finder => User,
                      :session_creation_service => :"objectify_auth/session_creation_service"

So basically we'd have resolvers (things that need to be instaniated called to get an injectable from), and injectables which are either class names that need to be instantiated (if they're symbols) or values.

Do we always need to be explicit? If there's a parameter called session_creation_service, should we automatically try to constantize that if we don't have a way to resolve it? If the answer to that question is yes (which I think it is), then should we allow people to import a namespace?

objectify.injectable_namespace "objectify_auth"

If not that, then we probably need something or any kind of library is going to require a lot of manual configuration to get going.

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