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Days of War Live Gameserver Status Banner
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Days of War Live Gameserver Status Banner


The DoW Live Gameserver Status Banner highly customizable and yet still works right out of the box if you're fine with the default settings!


Download the latest version, extract it and upload the contents to your webserver.


By default the script requires the ip address and query port of the DoW gameserver you want to show a live status banner for, the format is as follows:

url/to/serverstatus/status.php?ip=<ip address here>&port=<query port here>


I think you get the idea!


If you're not happy with the default settings/look, you can customize the status banner to your likings, just edit the "config.php" in the "config" folder with a text editor (I'd recommend NotePad++) and you'll find all possible options!

Here's some stuff that you can edit:

  • ability to bind status banner to single gameserver so it's not needed to supply ip and port via URL
  • change images for game logo, default background for unknown maps, error logo, error background
  • change font used and font size for data/error messages
  • enable/disable GeoIP features to display country flag according to gameserver's location, can be set manually as well
  • choose between simplified and normal map names, i.e. simply "Thunder" instead of "dow_thunder_dayrain"
  • show either game or query port in the status banner
  • change font & shadow colors for all different texts
  • set max length of server name before cropping it
  • adjust cache time (default 60seconds, min 10sec, max 300sec)
  • enable/disable gameserver IP filter to prevent others from using your hosting to display their gameservers
  • change the texts for error messages and descriptions, so you can translate them to your language

I've added a lot of comments to the settings, so I hope it's easy to understand what to change, if not, just ask!


based on PHP-Source-Query Library by xPaw -
included DoW game logo created by Switz [3rd MAR] -
included error & lock images by FreeIconPNG -
included country flag icons by Mark James -
included font "SpecialElite" by Astigmatic -
Days of War by Driven Arts -
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