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A Tour Guide App

Multi-screen Android app to share your knowledge about an island I visited recently.

The goal is to create a tour guide app which presents relevant information to a user who’s visiting the Island. The app contain all the best known secrets that only locals know.

This project is about combining various ideas and skills we’ve been practicing throughout the course. They include:

Planning your app design and navigation before coding.

Selecting proper data structures to store lists of information.

Building layouts to display those lists of data.

Navigating between those lists using intents and multiple Activities or a ViewPager.

Creating your own custom classes.

Properly handling of images.

App contains a custom object for storing location information .

Custom Adapter: App uses a custom adapter to populate the layout with views based on instances of the custom class.

String Storage: All strings are stored in the strings.xml resource file.

Image Storage: All images are stored as drawables and all drawables are stored at multiple densities.

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