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A Quiz App
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A Quiz App

The goal is to create an educational app that quizzes a user about a certain topic (Planet Earth).

This project is about combining various ideas and skills we’ve been practicing throughout the course. They include:

Planning your app design before coding.

Taking an app layout from drawing to XML code.

Creating, positioning, and styling views.

Creating interactivity through button clicks and Java code.

Commenting and documenting your code.

App contains 10 questions, including at least one check box, one radio button, and one text entry.

Questions are in a variety of formats such as free text response, checkboxes, and radio buttons.

Checkboxes are only used for questions with multiple right answers. Radio buttons are only used for questions with a single right answer.

App includes a button for the user to submit their answers and receive a score.

The app includes the following Views: TextView, ImageView, Button, Checkbox, EditText, LinearLayout, ScrollView, RadioButton, RadioGroup.

The app uses nested ViewGroups to reduce the complexity of the layout.

The app gracefully handles displaying all the content on screen when rotated

Any question which uses radio buttons allows only one to be checked at once.

Control statements: The app contains at least one if/else statement

Grading button function: The grading button displays a toast which accurately displays the results of the quiz.

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