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Gist Manager

Gist Manager is a Brackets and Adobe Edge Code extension which allows you to search, consult and create Gists from GitHub.

It has lot of features and every help to improve them is very welcome.

If you find a bug please open an issue!

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To show Gist Manager click on View > Show Gist Manager, the panel will appear on bottom of Brackets. Writing an username of GitHub in the first field and clicking Load Gists will load the list of public Gists of the choosen user. You may specify the password to load even the secret Gists.

To publish an anonymous Gist click on New gist and a dialog will guide you. If you have specified an username and password, clicking New gist will create a Gist in your account, and you'll be able to choose if make it public or secret.

After you've published a new Gist a modal popup will appear letting you copy the Gist URL or open it in your browser.

Supported features:

  • Create anonymous, public and secret Gists
  • Support for multi-file Gists
  • Creation of Gists starting from selected text
  • Load public Gists of a specific GitHub user.
  • Load public and secret Gists of a specific GitHub user (providing password).
  • Open Gist in browser
  • Delete Gist
  • Download Gist
  • Search Gist
  • Login with application tokens.
  • Remember application tokens.

To do:

These are the features in the to do list of this extension:

  • Edit Gists
  • View and manage forks