@FezVrasta FezVrasta released this Jan 13, 2017 · 38 commits to master since this release

Don't ask where v1.0.3 gone, no idea.

By the way, here's the changelog for this version:

  • [fix] fixed #143 (#146)
  • [docs] Fixing position documentation (#145) (thank @ocombe)
  • [tests] we now have code coverage reports (86% atm!)
  • [tests] we now have codeclimate analysis (3.6 atm!)
  • [npm] you can't no longer access Tooltip.js builds from the Popper.js npm package, install both the packages if you need them!

We also released Tooltip.js v1.0.3:

  • [fix] fixed #144 (#147)
  • [npm] you can't no longer access Popper.js builds from the Tooltip.js npm package, install both the packages if you need them!



@FezVrasta FezVrasta released this Jan 11, 2017 · 55 commits to master since this release



@FezVrasta FezVrasta released this Jan 9, 2017 · 61 commits to master since this release

  • [Fix] Fixed positioning problem when popper had not any positioned parent (#136, thank @nadiam84)
  • [Perf] Minor perf improvement of arrow modifier
  • [Tests] Added more unit tests (#131, thank @nadiam84)



@FezVrasta FezVrasta released this Jan 6, 2017 · 87 commits to master since this release

Read the introduction post about Popper.js v1 at https://medium.com/@FezVrasta/popper-js-v1-5e8b3acd888c


  • BREAKING CHANGE: removed all the underscores _ prefixes from properties
  • converted source code to ES6
  • build now uses Rollup
  • moved from JSHint to ESLint
  • moved from Uglify to Babili
  • Get rid of Grunt
  • updated npm dependencies
  • BREAKING CHANGE: removed parse method from core library, you can't automatically create popper's markup using Popper.js core. If you need the feature, here you can find a custom modifier that reintroduces the feature. https://gist.github.com/FezVrasta/075d228ffb855688c75a69c6d1d6afce
  • Added Tooltip.js library to replace the parse method
  • BREAKING CHANGE: simplified modifiers API, see #62 for migration instructions
  • BREAKING CHANGE: modifiers options are now stored inside the modifiers configurations, see #62
  • Full support for HTML5 shadow root and HTML5 components (#88) (thanks @nadiam84)
  • Improved flip detection strategy (#82) (thanks @nadiam84)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: boundariesElement has been deprecated in favor to new options of preventOverflow and flip modifiers (#75)
  • You can now set attributes defining them in data.attributes, properties with false values will be removed
  • BREAKING CHANGE: onCreate and onUpdate methods have been converted to properties of the options object
    you can now use them with new Popper(a, b, { ...otherOptions, onCreate: () => {}, onUpdate: () => {} })
  • BREAKING CHANGE: gpuAcceleration is now an option of the applyStyle modifier (modifiers.applyStyle.gpuAcceleration)
  • FEATURE: added auto placement, it will automatically get converted to the placement with more free space available (addresses #1)
  • FEATURE: added inner modifier, it allows to make the popper flow toward the inner of the reference element (addresses #83)
  • From now on, the changelog will be posted in the GitHub releases and not in the CHANGELOG.md file



@FezVrasta FezVrasta released this Jan 2, 2017

In this release:

  • more bug fixed
  • added more tests
  • added new inner modifier (see #83)



@FezVrasta FezVrasta released this Dec 30, 2016

This new beta release fixes several edge cases and bugs, it also improves the code quality.



@FezVrasta FezVrasta released this Dec 28, 2016

We are almost there!

All the tests are green and there is only a remaining bug that is going to be fixed in the next beta.
The passage to beta means that I'm not going to change the API anymore and it is to be considered stable.

Please refer to CHANGELOG.md to the full list of breaking changes between v0 and v1.



@FezVrasta FezVrasta released this Dec 17, 2016 · 385 commits to master since this release

This second beta fixes the problems with the positioning on inline elements.

I've not remaining bugs related to v1 on the issues tracker, I ask you guys to give this beta a try and report any problems you may find.

If nothing raises until next week, I'm going to promote this to RC and I'll finally publish v1, deprecating v0.



@FezVrasta FezVrasta released this Dec 17, 2016

Fixed various minor bugs.



@FezVrasta FezVrasta released this Dec 8, 2016

  • fixed bug with computation of boundaries when popper and reference were in two different contexts