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fixed a typo

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1 parent be05f8d commit 2289a479caefbd6b9f943107bb0ec1b163ca345d Bozhidar Batsov committed
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@@ -234,7 +234,7 @@ the use of the alias enhances readability - it's ok to use it.
* Avoid **alias** when **alias_method** will do.
* Use **OptionParser** for parsing complex command line options and
**ruby -s* for trivial command line options.
-* Write for Ruby 1.9. Don't legacy Ruby 1.8 constructs.
+* Write for Ruby 1.9. Don't use legacy Ruby 1.8 constructs.
* use the new JavaScript literal hash syntax
* use the new lambda syntax
* methods like **inject** now accept methods names as arguments - `[1, 2, 3].inject(:+)`

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