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WeeChat scripts by FiXato

My personal repository of scripts for the WeeChat chat client,

Scripts I've written to add features to WeeChat I felt were missing.

Discontinuation notice

As I lack the time to actively chat on IRC, let alone develop these scripts, this repository is no longer actively maintained, and thus will be archived.



    A Clone Scanner that can manually scan channels and automatically scans joins for users on the channel with multiple nicknames from the same host.

  • (for now still developed in its own repository)

    Show /list results in a common buffer and interact with them.


    Swap two buffers' positions. A feature requested by Kakazza in #weechat. /swap [buffer] <buffer to swap with>

    Example: /swap #weechat #weechat-fr


    Work in Progress script to make playing Battle Arena easier to play /battlearena use [tabcomplete techs] [tabcomplete enemies] /battlearena stats buy [tabcomplete stats] 10 /battlearena +100str /battlearena +10def /battlearena styles [buy|list|change] [tabcomplete styles] /battlearena report

Script ideas

  • Task "Allow buffer names for irc.msgbuffer"

    (Custom (s)notices buffer)

  • buffer_stats:

    Output stats about the number of different buffers. Something like:

      Total of 55 buffers: 1 core, 6 server buffers, 43 channel buffers, 
      3 queries, 2 plugin buffers; 10 of them are merged.
  • advanced highlights manager:

    Assign target buffers & colours to highlights. Dynamically create target buffer if necessary

    Example: /highlight add /(lol|nyan-?)cat/ nyancats

    When the highlight would get triggered, it will create a new buffer, python.nyancats, —should the buffer not already exist— and display the message (+source buffer) in it.

Installation instructions

  • mkdir -p ~/src/github/FiXato && cd ~/src/github/FiXato
  • git clone git://
  • cd weechat_scripts
  • ln -s *.py ~/.weechat/python/
  • and if you want to autoload: ln -s *.py ~/.weechat/python/autoload/


See headers of individual scripts for their Changelogs.

Notes on Patches/Pull Requests

  1. Fork the project.
  2. Make your feature addition or bug fix.
  3. Add tests for it (even though I don't have tests myself at the moment). This is important so I don't break it in a future version unintentionally.
  4. Commit, but do not mess with gemspec, version, history, or README. Want to have your own version? Bump version in a separate commit! That way I can ignore that commit when I pull.
  5. Send me a pull request. Bonus points for topic branches.
  6. You'll be added to the credits.


Thanks go out to:

  • Sebastien "Flashcode" Helleu, for developing the kick-ass IRC client WeeChat and the script which inspired me to write
  • Nils "nils_2" Görs, for his contributions to which served as example code for
  • David "drubin" Rubin, for his script, which also served as example code for
  • ArZa, whose script helped me getting started with grabbing the /list results for and whose script served as an example for handling infolists for
  • Khaled Mardam-Bey, for making me yearn for similar /list support in WeeChat as mIRC already offered. :P
  • LayBot, for requesting the ident comparison for
  • Curtis "killerrabbit" Sorensen, for sending in two pull-requests, adding support for local and nameless channels to
  • mave_, for pointing out that sort orders weren't remembered in


Copyright (c) 2011 Filip H.F. "FiXato" Slagter, <FiXato [at] Gmail [dot] com>

See LICENSE for details.


My personal repository of scripts for the WeeChat chat client, Scripts I've written to add features to WeeChat I felt were missing.







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