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[] Bugfix with orbs_string_to_int and updated TODO

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commit f19c5dab7043c0c1bda152cae5b547aaedb8ebe0 1 parent d0d7683
@FiXato authored
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@@ -287,7 +287,7 @@ def get_orbcount():
#TODO: Make these different
def orbs_string_to_int(orbs):
- return int(orbs.replace(',',''))
+ return int(str(orbs).replace(',',''))
def string_to_int(item):
return orbs_string_to_int(item)
@@ -1119,20 +1119,16 @@ def init_options():
# - Players
# - Accessory
# - Keys
-# - Battle Status
-# - Fix bar items for active skills and status effects so they don't show if there are none.
-# - Parse "The following players have absorbed a black orb from the boss: Raiden, FiXato"
-# - Skip techs when cursed
# - Warn when you have a key for a chest on the battle arena.
# - FiXato has the following keys: BrownKey(2), RedKey(1), GreenKey(1), GoldKey(1), PurpleKey(2)
# - Keep track of received and used items
# - Keep track of shop level and auto-use UltraDiscountCard when above 25 (Or above 26 if you have a VIP-Membercard)
# - Update the command description and tab completion.
-# - Add support for skills
-# - Add support for styles
+# - Add tab completion support for skills
+# - Add tab completion support for styles
# - Make use of enemy info details such as:
# - "Water Elemental is a glowing orb of water magic. It seems resistant to melee."
# - "Volcano Wasp uses all of her health to perform this technique!" (Should move the enemy to dead_enemies)
+# - "Creeper uses all of its health to perform this technique!" / "Creeper glows as the gunpowder that makes up its body begins to ignite. Within seconds the Creeper expands and explodes violently. The explosion hits everyone on the battlefield."
# - Capture the output of !shop list weapons and sort the weapons list by cost.
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