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I can see Aliens (JSP)

After having the opportunity to finally get my tests running in one of my projects, i thought by myself: why not put all together in one testing-example-project having all kind of tests i find useful.

The result is what you are reading right now.

Short-description of the project

I created a small billboard, where users can register themselves and add comments to the given billboard-entries. There is NO rights-management. Users can delete their accounts and delete their billboard-entries (this will delete the comments too). There is no authentification or anti-spam-technology included, its focused on "how to put tests into a project using a lot of Arquillian".

How does it work

I had to fiddle a lot with the dependencies (you can see my cdi-sessionscoped-login-project from the last year), had to learn how maven-profiles are working (never created them first-hand), mostly because Arquillian brings no equal support for testing-frameworks, using JUnit seems to be the more stable than TestNG, but i really like TestNG, so i had to mix the testing-frameworks. There was another problem: you can only have ONE "testing-container" in classpath for Arquillian, so i had to separate them into maven-profiles for better dependency-handling. But there comes a downside: my current IDE (Netbeans) goes a little crazy, because when not selecting the right profile i see red lights on my test-packages, so you can get confused by thinking "oh my gosh, my tests are all broken...".

What tests are included

Testing a software includes a lot of pain, when not having the right tools or not having enough knowledge how to write testable code. For having testable code, i tried to utilize CDI as much as possible and using producers for my scoped instances. Maybe there are a lot of reasons not to use producers like i did, but it works out for me. I tried to create the following types of tests:

  • unit-tests (using TestNG)
  • integration-tests (using TestNG and Arquillian)
  • functional-tests (using JUnit, Arquillian and Arquillian Drone/Graphene)
  • graybox-tests (using JUnit, Arquillian, Arquillian Drone/Graphene and Arquillian WARP)

Used frameworks/software (buzzword-bingo)

  • Maven 3.1
  • HTML 5
  • Twitter Bootstrap (for being hipster and responsive)
  • CDI (only one case where i used @EJB-annotation, because of unclear CDI-standard)
  • JavaEE 6
  • JPQL
  • EclipseLink (JPA 2)
  • TomEE
  • Arquillian
  • Arquillian Drone/Graphene2
  • Arquillian Warp
  • JaCoCo
  • ShrinkWrap
  • PhantomJS (as browser for easy project-sharing and CI-systems like Jenkins)
  • SonarQube

How to use

First of all, you have to download the binaries i used for testing: Put that corresponding files into "tools/phantom/YOUR-ARCH/" and check the pom.xml, if the paths are matching. The default mvn clean install will only compile the project and will produce a fine WAR-file, but does not execute any test (because they are separated in respective profiles). I put a small helper (for windows-users) called createAndAllTests.bat which does nothing more than this

mvn clean install
mvn test -Punit
mvn integration-test -Pintegration
mvn integration-test -Pfunctional
mvn integration-test -Pgraybox

Plans for the future

Having to develop in teams often brings the problem with binaries, so i have chosen to put that binaries in a separated tools-folder, haven't found them on mvnrepository, but maybe in the future there will be a reliable source.


Testing with TomEE, JSP, CDI and a lot of Arquillian



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