Sublime Text plugin that keeps track of files which have been recently closed, as well as files that have been recently accessed.
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SublimeText - File History

Sublime Text 2 and 3 plugin to provide access to the history of recently used files - project-wise or globally.

The most recently closed file can be instantly re-opened or the entire file history can be shown and filtered in a quick panel (including file preview and the ability to open multiple files).

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  • Reopen the most recently closed file or open a quick panel of recently used files to choose from
  • Display a preview of the file while browsing the quick panel (only Sublime Text 3)
  • Open multiple history entries from the quick panel with the Right key
  • Delete history entries from the quick panel with Ctrl + Del
  • Optionally remove any non-existent files while looking through the file history (when previewed or opened) or on start-up
  • Creates backups in case you lose your history
  • Highly configurable through FileHistory.sublime-settings file, like excluding files with regex patterns


  1. Install Package Control.
  2. Once installed, bring up the Command Palette (Command-Shift-P on OS X, Ctrl-Shift-P on Linux/Windows).
  3. Select Package Control: Install Package and then select File History when the list appears.

Package Control will automagically keep the plugin up to date.


To use the plugin, open the Command Palette and search for File History:.

When you opened a panel you can use the Right key to open the file and keep the panel open, or Ctrl/Cmd + Del to remove the selected file from the history.

For default keymap definitions, see Default (Windows).sublime-keymap (OSX).

For the available and default settings, see FileHistory.sublime-settings.

Project Settings

You can extend the path_exclude_patterns and path_reinclude_patterns lists in your project settings.

For this, add a "file_history" dictionary to your project's settings and then one or both of the settings to that. Example:

    "folders": [
            "path": "."
    "settings": {
        "file_history": {
            "path_exclude_patterns": ["/bin/"],
            "path_reinclude_patterns": ["\\.compiled$"]


open_recently_closed_file (Window)

Opens a popup with recently closed files or reopens the lastly closed view if action == "open_latest_closed".


  • action (str) - Default: "show_history", Allowed values: "show_history", "open_latest_closed"

  • current_project_only (bool) - Default: True

cleanup_file_history (Window)

Checks the current project or the whole history for non-existent files and removes them from the history.


  • current_project_only (bool) - Default: True

reset_file_history (Window)

Removes all history data.