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Extend functionality on FoolFuuka imageboards. Only actually tested on the moe archives so the rest are theoretical.


(This builds off of the original FoolX script which can be downloaded at:

Click to Install

Or if you don't want automatic updates use this version.


Install Greasemonkey, then click the link above to install SpookyX. If you're using a fork of Firefox (e.g. Pale Moon), you may need to use Greasemonkey 1.15 instead of the most recent version. No idea if SpookyX works on an old version of Greasemonkey though.


Install Tampermonkey, then click the link above to install SpookyX.


Install Violentmonkey, then click the link above to install SpookyX. An alternative that I have yet to test thoroughly is Tampermonkey Beta, give this a try if the script doesn't seem to be working properly in Violentmonkey.

Added Features:

Settings Menu

  • This can be opened using the 'Settings' link in the top right of the window or by pressing 'O'

Embedding linked images (and other media) into the post to imitate imageboard use in the Spooky realm

  • Hyperlinks in posts will be checked for known file extensions and embedded accordingly
  • A media link that is enclosed in spoiler tags will be embedded in spoilered mode
  • Middle click and ctrl+leftclick open images in a new tab rather than toggle size
  • More than a single image can be embedded by editing the script by changing the 'Embed Count' setting

Hovering over images or videos

  • Show full version of media or one shrunk to fit in view if it's too large
  • You can turn off images or turn off videos independently via the settings menu

Gallery Mode that lets you browse through all thread images and videos.

  • Press 'G' to bring it up, press it again to hide it once more.
  • Left and right arrow keys are used to cycle through the images.
  • Scrolls to the currently viewed image

Pressing Q (Outside of text entry fields) will toggle quick reply mode

  • This moves the reply box to the top right of the screen and it stays where it when you scroll
  • Pressing ctrl+Q will toggle showing the subject, name, email, password fields when in quick reply mode

Clicking post links and post reply links will expand them inline

  • Inline posts will be removed from their normal place and restored when no longer inline
  • Middle click and ctrl+leftclick opens these links in a new tab instead
  • In the current version opening a mix of links and backlinks will result in buggy behaviour

Highlighting text and clicking a post number will insert both into the reply field

  • The text is not post specific, nor is it constrained to posts

Your posts and links pointing to them will be designated by appending '(You)'

  • Receive desktop notifications when someone replies to you
  • Clicking the notification will take you to the relevant tab

Dynamic favicon that indicates whether a thread has new posts and whether any are replies to yours

  • See options below for instructions on customising the favicons used for each of these states
  • Activating this feature will also turn on the more advanced seen post counter which will keep track of the last post you saw in a thread and persist between sessions
  • The cut off point between seen and unseen posts is designated with a horizontal red line

Recursive post hiding

  • Hiding a post will hide all posts that reply to it
  • Likewise, unhiding a post will show all posts that reply to it

Relative timestamps

  • Hovering over them will show the 4chan timestamp for the post


  • Under the filter tab of the settings menu you can customise how you filter thread content
  • A variety of post details can be checked against regular expressions
  • Can be filtered in different ways, see the Guide tab in the settings menu


  • You can now choose your plucky mascot to keep your company whilst browsing!
  • This feature overlays an image on your page
  • Can also be used to set a wallpaper

Fixed bugs present in the original FoolX:

  • Using keyboard shortcuts to wrap highlighted text in tags no longer wraps the first instance if there are multiple instances of the highlighted text in the reply box.
  • Inline OP images work

Customising the favicons:

You can use custom favicons by changing the URLs in the settings menu.

The Alert Overlay is a URL to the image you wish to use as an overlay on a custom lit favicon.

Unfortunately due to security policy it cannot automatically overlay the images and set that as the favicon. Instead:

  • you will need to set your custom lit or custom alertOverlay (or both)
  • reload a moe page with the script running and a reply box present (such as in a thread)
  • hit 'F' to bring up by the reply box a image with the output alert image
  • right click and save this image
  • upload it somewhere
  • set the alert option in the script to equal that URL


Extend functionality on FoolFuuka imageboards



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