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The changelog becomes progressively more comprehensive as I became progressively more committed to keeping it orderly. As such the changes for the earliest versions are not documented and some of these link to pastebins.

The links to individual versions below are to copies of the script with the update URL removed. If you want automatic updates, install the script from the links on the main page.

v32.50: (2017-10-25) - GitHub - Readme

  • added the option to use overflow-wrap to break long words

v32.49: (2016-09-17) - GitHub - Readme

  • readdded desustorage after accidentally removing it

v32.48: (2016-09-16) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed a bug that occurred when certain imgur links were present in the OP

v32.47: (2016-06-26) - GitHub - Readme

  • added to the list

v32.46: (2016-06-22) - GitHub - Readme

  • updated the list of sites this works on after realising there were a few more new entries and exits

v32.45: (2016-06-20) - GitHub - Readme

  • added to the list

v32.43: (2016-03-01) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug where posting a link to youtube mainpage (eg. not a specific video) crashed the script

v32.42: (2016-02-27) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug where Firefox couldn't handle the bants

v32.41: (2015-12-08) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug with dodgy imgur links breaking the script

v32.4: (2015-11-12) - GitHub - Readme

  • Added 'Reveal Spoilers' option which will show the spoilered text when not hovered over

v32.35: (2015-11-12) - GitHub - Readme

  • Updated list of site matches to account for new archives
  • fixed bug where viewing a new thread could cause an error
  • fixed issue with old versions of Chrome not supporting a browser method that inline replies relied upon

v32.34: (2015-11-03) - GitHub - Readme

  • Adjusted the default setting for the right margin so that it doesn't add a scrollbar when no mascot is selected, as per default
  • Added a fix that should enable the script to be served with a webpage rather than relying on a *monkey extension

v32.33: (2015-10-13) - GitHub - Readme

  • image uploads from local files go to now instead of Imgur since the latter has a tendency to compress/shrink large images. Upload via url is not supported by unfortunately so those images still go to Imgur
  • fixed bug with file upload not executing post submit process correctly

v32.32: (2015-10-07) - GitHub - Readme

  • immediately moves back to

v32.31: (2015-10-04) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug where native videos weren't having the hover feature applied correctly
  • removed dead sites from the list of matches, change one that redirects

v32.3: (2015-09-27) - GitHub - Readme

  • Added the new 'Firefox Compatibility Mode' setting as a suboption of Inline Videos. Enabling this fixes the inability to use video controls on inline expanded videos in FireFox but creates regions of unresponsiveness on other browsers. Only enable if you're on FireFox or a fork of it
  • fixed bug where a collapsed video would continue playing in firefox
  • hopefully further fixed the issue that anon was having

v32.24: (2015-09-27) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug introduced with last update where native images weren't being handled properly

v32.23: (2015-09-27) - GitHub - Readme

  • Adjusted page layout so that the odd pages like the discussion one don't have an unecessary scrollbar
  • fixed bug where video hover wasn't playing the video
  • attempted to fix this one JSON parsing bug one guy gets that I can't reproduce locally

v32.22: (2015-09-24) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug where the OP didn't have media links handled

v32.21: (2015-09-24) - GitHub - Readme

  • When archived images are missing SpookyX will now attempt to retrieve a copy from 4plebs (since browsing old moe threads I noticed 4pleb had live copies). Naturally this change will have no effect if you're browsing 4plebs
  • fixed a bug that occurred when loading a thread with no replies
  • fixed bug where someone youtube links would cause SpookyX to fail

v32.2: (2015-09-21) - GitHub - Readme

  • Added 'Hide New Posts' option under Recursive Hiding which when enabled will hide any new posts retrived by the autorefresher that reply to a post that is hidden

v32.1: (2015-09-17) - GitHub - Readme

  • Added 'Title YouTube links' option to Embed Media setting which will rename the link to the video title

v32.05: (2015-09-13) - GitHub - Readme

  • some minor bug fixes

v32.04: (2015-09-10) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed a bug that appeared when using the filter
  • did a lot of superficial formatting, cached some more jQuery selectors, fixed a couple minor syntax errors

v32.03: (2015-08-25) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug where using the file upload system didn't submit your post after fetching the links

v32.02: (2015-08-24) - GitHub - Readme

  • changed default setting for automatic uploads from "Don't reupload links" to "Reupload 4chan links" to coerce people who never bother to change their settings to host temporary links

v32.01: (2015-08-24) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug where you couldn't post if automatic link hosting was on but there wasn't a valid link in your post

v32.0: (2015-08-24) - GitHub - Readme

  • New Feature: You can now have image links in your post automatically uploaded to Imgur. This is primarily in order to reduce the number of dead link embeds that images originally hosted on 4chan give. You can choose between hosting none, only those from 4chan, or all image links detected in your submitted post
  • Additionally there is now a input box that you can paste image links in and hit the Upload button beside it to again upload them to Imgur
  • Added 'Inline Videos' and 'Embed Videos' options. Whereas before a user was either embedding all media types or none they can now embed only images. SpookyX does not support only embedding videos and not images because this usecase is deemed superficial
  • fixed bug where the post that popups up when hovering over a link would have relative timestamps and embedded images even if those features were disabled in the settings menu

v31.21: (2015-08-06) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug where disabling gif autoplaying went horribly wrong

v31.2: (2015-08-06) - GitHub - Readme

  • Altered the upload button text to more accurately reflect what is being uploaded through the file upload feature
  • fixed a bug where the crosslinkTracker wasn't fully working as intended
  • fixed bug where opening a thread in a new tab without visiting it was considering any posts within the viewport to be seen anyway
  • fixed bug where having multiple replies to your post come through with a single update fetch resulted in the alert favicon persisting even after the unseen post counter fell to zero
  • largely addressed bug that was exacerbated by regenerating hover events for all media in thread frequently

v31.1: (2015-07-27) - GitHub - Readme

  • The file upload now supports multiple files concurrently
  • The file upload now supports filetypes that are not images
  • Anything that isn't an image is instead uploaded to and the returned link will be appended to the post as usual
  • It's worth noting that SpookyX will only attempt to embed images and videos however so other files will just be left linked
  • Lastly, executables (.exe) are not accepted by due to risk of viruses so you cannot upload these

v31.0: (2015-07-26) - GitHub - Readme

  • New Feature: when a thread enters ghost mode the file upload option will remain and you will be able to continue to upload images
  • This works by uploading the image to Imgur and then appending the generated link to your post. Imgur only supports image uploads so other media cannot be uploaded at present
  • Free applications have limits on the number of files that can be uploaded in a certain timeframe, beyond which further requests will be refused. If this feature doesn't seem to be working let me know and I'll contact Imgur with a whitelist request
  • New Feature: Export, import and reset settings.
  • Exporting them will save them as a text file in JSON notation. These can be freely edited if you feel the need. The filename reflects the version of SpookyX that was used to export them and also the timestamp of the moment the download was prepped (which isn't actually the same time that you click the export button - the timestamp will however accurately reflect the chronological order they exported in)
  • Importing them allows you to select a file that comprises of text in JSON notation which will overwrite your present settings
  • Reset will restore the settings to the default ones
  • amdended the default filtered name comment which had changed from japanese characters to question marks several updates ago

v30.2: (2015-07-24) - GitHub - Readme

  • Improved reliability of last post saving
  • Added new option under Custom favicons that allows you to select the image that is displayed on the notifications
  • SpookyX now uses the native site favicon for notifications if you're not using custom ones
  • If the site favicon is less than 32px in size SpookyX will upscale it with a nearest neighbour algorithm rather than allowing the browser to use its default bicubic one, which has a tendency to make upscaled small resolution images terrible
  • The nearest neighbour implementation will only upscale by a discrete ratios however so if for some reason the native site favicon has a favicon with side length of a number that isn't a power of 2 the browser will upscale it again a bit with its native scaling algorithm
  • e.g. a site with a native favicon that is 20px by 20px will be upscaled by SpookyX to 60px by 60px and the broswer will then upscale it again to 64px by 64px when fitting it into the notification
  • removed Foolz from the sites the script matches

v30.11: (2015-07-22) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug where enabling the mascot made the footer disappear on some archives (notably LiO)

v30.1: (2015-07-22) - GitHub - Readme

  • Added Count hidden posts and Auto-hide null hidden counter options to the Post Counter setting to allow control of hidden post counter behaviour
  • fixed bugs with incorrect counting of posts and hidden posts on board view

v30.01: (2015-07-22) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug where the script would crash due to changed favicon setting references

v30.0: (2015-07-22) - GitHub - Readme

  • Added Custom Favicons option under the Favicon setting. With this turned off SpookyX will attempt to generate dynamic favicons from the site's default favicon. Turning this on will let you set specific custom favicons as before
  • Added Process spoilered images option to Inline Images. This has no effect on the moe archives but on other ones it will replace a spoiler image with a faded target image that can be clicked to expand and has image hover capabilties
  • fixed bug with setting join lines incorrectly displaying in certain cases when opening the menu onto the Filter tab and then switching over to Main tab
  • fixed bug where embedding too many images would crush the post header (name, date, other details)
  • fixed bug where certain multi-embed links ignored the embed image limit
  • fixed bug where posts with multiple embeddable links resulted in image dimensions being erroneously added multiple times

v29.92: (2015-07-16) - GitHub - Readme

  • New Feature: Label Deletions adds '[Deleted]' beside the trashcan icon to allow easier searching for deleted posts

v29.91: (2015-07-16) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug where using Delayed Load sometimes distorted the aspect ratio of the image
  • fixed bug where using Delayed Load wouldn't affect posts returned by the thread autoupdater

v29.9: (2015-07-16) - GitHub - Readme

  • Tidied up the site matching for the userscript, added some, removed some
  • On archives that have a native inline image expansion feature this should be disabled (and the button removed) if SpookyX has inline images enabled
  • Made differentiation of OP and non-OP images far more sensible and slightly faster
  • Adjusted URL detection to more appropriately handle applying SpookyX features to unusual pages
  • fixed bug where the script would break in a thread without a replybox
  • fixed bug where mousing over media that have yet to be loaded due to Delayed Load caused an error
  • fixed bug where Delayed Load would not enforce Custom thumbnail sizes until after the image was clicked
  • fixed bug where the settingsjoinline was the incorrect colour, something especially noticeable using Midnight theme
  • fixed bug where the settings lines weren't stopping at the last suboption on pages without posts

v29.81: (2015-07-16) - GitHub - Readme - (theBladeee)

  • Fixed a domain issue for Love is Over Archive

v29.8: (2015-07-14) - GitHub - Readme

  • Added hidden post counter to the stats
  • Improved media hover performance and function, the media now flows around the headerbar to maximise size at all times

v29.7: (2015-07-14) - GitHub - Readme

  • Added Filter Notifications and Recursive Filtering options under the Filter setting
  • Added Custom thumbnail size under the Inline Images setting
  • Hide QR Options now hides the Rules and Uses as well
  • Guide panel of the Filter Settings tab now notifies you if the filter is turned off
  • fixed bug where the image embedding was checking for just the extension and not the period prefixing the extension (helps avoid inaccurate link detection)

v29.62: (2015-07-13) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug where non-ghost posts were being given a silly white border-right in Midnight theme

v29.61: (2015-07-12) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug where using delayed load would autoplay gifs regardless of how the gif autoplay setting is set

v29.6: (2015-07-12) - GitHub - Readme

  • New Feature: Delayed Load is a suboption of Inline Images that makes the script only load the fullsize image when clicked upon
  • fixed bug where board page urls weren't being identified properly
  • fixed bug where OP webms were being inlined at post size rather than OP size
  • fixed bug where video hover was going offscreen for large videos
  • fixed bug where the presence of a hitherto unvisited board based post showing up in search results caused the script to fail

v29.5: (2015-07-03) - GitHub - Readme

  • New Feature: Added setting to control whether gifs autoplay, found under inline images
  • Moved autoplay video setting to a more appropriate location
  • fixed bug with settings menu generation where settings join lines were only showing after changing the value of the select

v29.4: (2015-07-02) - GitHub - Readme

  • New Feature: Remove Japanese Font. Enabling this stops posts containing japanese characters from being formatted differently to normal posts. Turned off by default since it will presumably not work for some people
  • Added a 'View thread on 4chan' link to the navbar

v29.3: (2015-06-23) - GitHub - Readme

  • Added the Feedback link in the settings menu. It takes you to a moe archive thread so that you don't need to register to submit bug reports, feature requests, or other forms of feedback
  • Added 'Remove Reset' option under the 'Adjust Replybox' setting that allows you to remove the Reset button
  • fixed bug where I accidentally left reply notifications not automatically closing

v29.2: (2015-06-21) - GitHub - Readme

  • Added new option, Enable Notification, which has suboption features to make the notifications hide spoilers and in Firefox trim overly long replies
  • Added 'Count unloaded posts' suboption for the post counter. Turning it on will make the post counter display the total number of posts in a thread, not just the ones that are loaded. This comes into play when viewing a thread in 'last x mode'
  • Adjusted the settings menu layout such that descriptions that are longer than one line leave a gap below the setting name to improve clarity
  • fixed bug with toggling options failing to show suboptions on occasion in the settings menu

v29.1: (2015-06-15) - GitHub - Readme

  • Added new option, Default state hidden. Lets you choose how the headerbar appears on pageload
  • fixed bug causing an odd gap to appear above the headerbar

v29.0: (2015-06-15) - GitHub - Readme

  • New Feature: Adjust Headerbar behaviour. This allows you to determine how the headerbar hides or collapses
  • Added Word-break setting under the Adjust post flow category. This should make words that are too long to fit from overflowing in Firefox. Unfortunately Firefox simply isn't capable of doing it in the elegant way that Chrome is - whereas Chrome only breaks in the middle of words where necessary and otherwise just breaks before and after them Firefox can only manage to break each word that doesn't fit or not break too long words at all. This option is to allow user-control over how it behaves
  • Expanding threads in board view (using the diagonal arrow buttons) will now apply SpookyX features to the loaded posts
  • fixed That Bug which has been most noticed as posts failing to have (You) appended. Occurred when entering a thread you'd not posted in before and waiting long enough for someone else to post before trying to post yourself
  • fixed bug with the red line that indicates the unseen post cut-off behaving erratically
  • fixed bug where the media hover features weren't taking the scrollbar or headerbar into account when fitting the media in view

v28.5: (2015-06-10) - GitHub - Readme

  • Stopped post counter showing on inappropriate moe pages
  • fixed bug when looking at the main page
  • fixed bug where an error acessing a setting variable that I moved caused Firefox to get hung up about some other bits

v28.4: (2015-06-10) - GitHub - Readme

  • Made a header bar with the board list, settings menu and the post counter
  • Revamped the post counter options, you can change its placement and whether it displays arbitrary denominators
  • Added an Adjust Replybox option, moved Hide QR Options into it and added a width setting that lets you change the default replybox size
  • fixed bug where board view had a post counter (of zero) inserted into the tab name
  • fixed bug where on page load pageFlow margins set to mascot width were being set to zero because the mascot hadn't loaded

v28.3: (2015-06-09) - GitHub - Readme

  • New Feature: postFlow. This allows you to change the width, placement and alignment of the posts
  • Submitting a post and changing the tab before it goes through will now no longer make the tab title indicate you have an unseen post in that thread (more precisely your posts are no longer added to the list of unseen posts)
  • Posting failure now creates a notification to alert you
  • Added customisable opacity of the mascot
  • Added an option to allow mascots to be click-through (it can overlay a button or link but won't stop you clicking it)
  • Crossthread and crossboard links now recognise the destination posts as being yours (if you made them)
  • Moved the 'button' that opens the settings menu to a higher z-index level (10 now) so that the mascot won't overlay it (unless it's above 10 itself)
  • The gallery feature is now fixed (I completely killed it with one of the updates) and has had both performance and image finding accuracy improved
  • fixed bug where trying to expand crossboard posts inline failed
  • fixed bug where nothing worked on the last 50 replies thread view
  • fixed bug where mousing over the mascot triggered the image hover feature when in higher z-index levels
  • fixed bug where some media links were not being embedded correctly
  • fixed bugs that arose when the script was running on pages that weren't threads (searches, board index, etc)

v28.2: (2015-06-05) - GitHub - Readme

  • The mascot feature now supports videos
  • You can now specify the width of the mascot

v28.1: (2015-06-05) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug where is the last seen post is a non-ghost post it wasn't being removed from the list of unseen posts on page load

v28.0: (2015-06-05) - GitHub - Readme

  • New Feature: Mascot. Pick your browsing companion!
  • Added filter settings to the settings menu, expanded their funtionality
  • Massive performance gains, should make browsing threads with thousands of posts more bearable
  • Unchecked options in the settings menu have their suboptions collapsed
  • fixed bug where the last seen post ID was still being compared incorrectly. This will unfortunately require you to delete the lastSeenPosts item from the browser's Local Storage since the stored values have incomplete information. See here for further instructions
  • fixed bug where expanding an image hid the filename if it wasn't a spoilered image
  • fixed bug where media links ending in non-lowercase file extensions were being ignored

v27.6: (2015-05-22) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug where image dimensions were appearing twice in some instances

v27.5: (2015-05-19) - GitHub - Readme

  • Added file details to embedded Imgur image collections that aren't albums
  • fixed bug with the tests to determine whether to remove a linebreak whilst removing a link where a previous node that was null caused an error
  • fixed bug where imgur album links to a specific image of the set (the url ends in #number) were being embedded incorrectly

v27.4: (2015-04-29) - GitHub - Readme

  • Added some links to the settings menu that takes you to the various github pages
  • Made multiple embedded images embedded in the order the links were written, rather than the reverse
  • Made linebreaks at the end of a line with an image link get remove alongside the link so long as there isn't any text on the same line
  • Imgur albums can now be embedded provided the link is of the form "". This is accompanied by a new setting, 'Show Details'
  • fixed bug where when embedding multiple images the dimensions were all appended to the first one
  • fixed bug where when embedding multiple spoilered images only the spoiler text of the first one was centered.

v27.3: (2015-04-28) - GitHub - Readme

  • Massive performance boost for recursive hiding
  • fixed bug where quoting a post threw an error in the console (it was interfering with the site's native javascript)
  • fixed bug where the gallery couldn't scroll to videos

v27.2: (2015-04-27) - GitHub - Readme

  • Made the hide post button hidden from the popup posts when you hover over reply links and the inline posts from when you click them
  • Made it such that hidden posts that are embedded inline by clicking a reply link are visible rather than showing as a small square

v27.1: (2015-04-27) - GitHub - Readme

  • fixed bug where it just plain didn't work in Firefox
  • fixed bug where inline posts can't be quoted

v27: (2015-04-27) - GitHub - Readme

  • New Feature: Settings menu. Hit 'O' or click on the 'Settings' link in the top right to bring up the menu. Settings are saved as they are changed, refresh the page for the changes to fully take effect
  • Gallery mode scrolls the page to the viewed image
  • The last seen post line updates when the tab leaves focus. This should mimic the behaviour of the 4chanX extension and is less distracting than having it update as you read the thread

v26.1: (2015-04-23) - GitHub - Readme

v26: (2015-04-18) - GitHub - Readme

  • New feature: relative post times
  • fixed bug where thread IDs weren't board specific which meant that the script considers the Xth thread on one board the same as the Xth thread on another board. This unfortunately requires manual adjustment of locally stored data for previous records to be accessed, see here for instructions
  • fixed bug where if the archive has scrubbed a 4chan native posted image's thumbnail it would perpetually try to reload it
  • fixed bug where the last seen post ID was being compared to the list of unseen posts lexicographically
  • fixed bug where it would try to embed invalid imgur gallery links

v25: (2015-04-16) - GitHub - Readme

  • New Feature: Recursive Hiding. Manually hiding a post will hide all replies to it
  • Unhiding a post will recursively show all replies to it
  • updated the way media links are embedded.
  • It now checks the links for a relevant file extension rather than a recognised media site
  • Links to videos wrapped in spoiler tags are now actually spoilered
  • Media resolution displayed below media
  • fixed bug where imgur galleries were embedded in reverse order

v24.9: (2015-04-13) - GitHub - Readme

  • Set GitHub up such that I can link to manual update past versions

v24.8: (2015-04-13) - No archive

  • New Feature: Pressing 'G' will bring up a gallery view of all images and videos in the thread. Use left and right arrow keys to cycle through them.

v24.7: (2015-04-08) - Pastebin

  • fully fixed the bug where dead images trigger perpetual attempts to reload. Dead native 4chan images switch to their thumbnail once again

v24.6: (2015-04-08) - Pastebin

  • fixed bug where embedded images that cannot load (dead link, not actually an image...) would cause perpetual attempts to reload it. This current iteration of the fix is simply disabling the code that switches a dead native 4chan image to its thumbnail, so they'll be broken again for now

v24.5: (2015-04-08) - Pastebin

  • New Feature: embed the images from links to Imgur galleries in the post for ease of image dumping

v24: (2015-03-29) - Pastebin

  • New Feature: image and video hover.
  • fixed bug where images for which the archives have deleted the fullsized image but not the thumbnail were being replaced by the dead link. They now don't get replaced
  • fixed bug where have multiple tabs of the same thread open was able to save an incorrect last post seen value

v23: (2015-03-28) - Pastebin

  • New Feature: the favicon now changes to indicate unread posts and replies to your posts
  • In addition the favicon feature will make SpookyX keep track which posts you have viewed on your screen. Whereas before if you returned to a tab with new posts it would set the counter to zero regardless of if you saw them it now decrements as you scroll through the new ones

v22: (2015-03-27) - Pastebin

  • Embedded images now have their filename above them. Hover to read their full link
  • Favicon changes to indicate if there are new posts or not

v21: (2015-03-27) - Pastebin

  • New Feature: Desktop notifications when someone replies to you
  • fixed bugs with designating your posts and the links
  • fixed bug where videos were being dual-loaded and issues with them being muted in FireFox
  • fixed bug such that the labelYourPosts option now actually does something

v20: (2015-03-27) - Pastebin

  • New Feature: recognise your posts. SpookyX will append '(You)' to the name of your posts and to the links that point to it
  • Added: video autoplay option
  • Added: other FoolFuuka boards to the list
  • Added: filteredNames option. Names that match the list will be collapsed
  • fixed bug where posts with files posted on 4chan were being ignored by the imgNum value
  • fixed bug where filtered posts that get collapsed sometimes loaded expanded
  • fixed 4chan-native .webm thumbnails - the webms are now embedded instead
  • fixed 4chan-native .sfw thumbnails
  • Tweaked the shitpost filter lists. Still far from perfect
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