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Our SDK helps you add card linking technology to your iOS apps in minutes. It captures credit/debit card numbers securely and links them to your programs.

Temporary announcement about the latest version of the SDK (1.8.2)

Projects with this version of the Fidel SDK integrated will:

  • work fine if you build for a real device, with both Debug and Release configurations. It works on all architectures.
  • not build on Simulators, with the arm64 architecture. We're working on eliminating this inconvenience.
  • To avoid this incovenience, when installing this version with Cocoapods, the following build settings will be added to your project:
s.pod_target_xcconfig = { 'EXCLUDED_ARCHS[sdk=iphonesimulator*]' => 'arm64' }
s.user_target_xcconfig = { 'EXCLUDED_ARCHS[sdk=iphonesimulator*]' => 'arm64' }

So if you install this version with Cocoapods, you'll be able to build on both Simulators and real devices.

You can confidently launch your apps to the AppStore. We only excluded the architecture for Simulators.

Demo GIF


We recommend using CocoaPods to integrate Fidel SDK with your project.

Add a Podfile (if you don't have one already), by running the following command: pod init.

Step 1

Add Fidel pod (for Swift 5.2+, XCode 11.4+):

pod 'Fidel'

or if you're still using Xcode 11.2, with Swift 5.1:

pod 'Fidel', '~>1.6.2'

or if you're using Xcode 10.3, with Swift 5:

pod 'Fidel', '~>1.5.1'

or if you're using Swift 4.2.1:

pod 'Fidel', '~>1.4.4'

or if you're using Swift 4.1:

pod 'Fidel', '~>1.3.7'

or if you're using Swift 4.0.2:

pod 'Fidel', '~>1.2.8'

or in case you're on Swift 3.0, use the 1.1.8 tag instead:

pod 'Fidel', '~>1.1.8'

Step 2

In order to allow scanning cards with the camera, make sure to add the key NSCameraUsageDescription to your app's Info.plist and set the value to a string describing why your app needs to use the camera (e.g. "To scan credit cards."). This string will be displayed when the app initially requests permission to access the camera.

Step 3 (skip if you have a Swift project)

If you have an Objective-C project and did not add any Swift code yet, please set the Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries flag in Build Settings to YES. For more detailed information about this setting, please read this Apple material.


In case Cocoapods doesn't find the Fidel specs or it finds older specs, try updating with pod update. After updating, run pod install.


Import the SDK in your code:

import Fidel
#import <Fidel/Fidel-Swift.h>

Set your public SDK Key (pk_test or pk_live) and the programId you want to link cards to:

Fidel.apiKey = "pk_test_7ty6i7..."
Fidel.programId = "3a7a169a-..."
[FLFidel setApiKey:@"pk_test_7ty6i7..."];
[FLFidel setProgramId:@"3a7a169a-..."];

To start card scanning automatically:

Fidel.autoScan = true
[FLFidel setAutoScan:YES];

To customise the view with a custom banner:

Fidel.bannerImage = UIImage(named: "some_image_asset.png")
[FLFidel setBannerImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"myImage"]];

If you don't set a banner image, we'll just remove the top banner space entirely and card linking UI will stay on top.

Then, present the Fidel view controller:

[FLFidel present:self onCardLinkedCallback:nil onCardLinkFailedCallback:nil];

Optionally, you can pass callbacks to be notified if the card was linked:

Fidel.present(self, onCardLinkedCallback: { (linkResult: LinkResult) in
}, onCardLinkFailedCallback: { (err: LinkError) in
[FLFidel present:self onCardLinkedCallback:^(FLLinkResult * _Nonnull result) {
    NSLog(@"%@", result);
} onCardLinkFailedCallback:^(FLLinkError * _Nonnull error) {
    NSLog(@"%@", error);

Customize checkbox consent text

For customizing the checkbox consent, please use the following APIs:

Fidel.companyName = "Your Company Name Inc." //(Maximum 60 characters);
Fidel.privacyURL = "" //(must be a valid URL)
Fidel.deleteInstructions = "Your delete instructions" //(Maximum 60 characters);

The default for companyName is "Company Name". The default for deleteInstructions is "going to your account settings".

Consent text for United States and Canada

United States or Canada will be available for card linking, if they are added to the Fidel.allowedCountries array or if you don't set a value for this property (which makes US and Canada available for the user to select, by default, along with all the other allowed countries).

When the user selects United States or Canada, a different consent text will be applied. In addition to the parameters described above, you can set the following parameters for the consent text:

Fidel.programName = "your program name"; // (Maximum 60 characters);
Fidel.termsConditionsURL = ""; // (cannot be nil, in this situation, and be a valid URL)

The default replacement value for programName is "our" (in English; for other languages, the words adjust to make sense).

The termsConditionsURL is mandatory in this case.

If you don't set a privacy policy URL (which is different from the terms & conditions URL), the corresponding wording will not be displayed.

For USA & Canada, the following would be an example Terms & Conditions text, for Cashback Inc (an example company name):

By submitting your card information and checking this box, you authorize Visa to monitor and share transaction data with Fidel (our service provider) to participate in program. You also acknowledge and agree that Fidel may share certain details of your qualifying transactions with Cashback Inc to enable your participation in program and for other purposes in accordance with the Cashback Inc Terms and Conditions, Cashback Inc privacy policy and Fidel’s Privacy Policy. You may opt-out of transaction monitoring on the linked card at any time by contacting support.

For the rest of the world:

I authorise Visa to monitor my payment card to identify transactions that qualify for a reward and for Visa to share such information with Cashback Inc, to enable my card linked offers and target offers that may be of interest to me. For information about Cashback Inc privacy practices, please see the privacy policy. You may opt-out of transaction monitoring on the payment card you entered at any time by contacting support.


The SDK's default language is English, but it's also localised for French and Swedish languages. When the device has either Français (Canada) or Svenska (Sverige) as its language, the appropriate texts will be displayed. Please note that developer error messages are in English only and they will not be displayed to the user.

Please make sure that your project also supports localisation for the languages that you want to support.

Supported card schemes

We currently support Visa, Mastercard and AmericanExpress, but you can choose to support only one, two or all three. You can do that by using supportedCardSchemes. Please note that the value of this set cannot be an empty set.

Check the example below:

Fidel.supportedCardSchemes = [.visa, .mastercard, .americanExpress] //you can also add .amex
NSSet *supportedCardSchemes = [[NSSet alloc] initWithObjects:
FLFidel.objc_supportedCardSchemes = supportedCardSchemes;

Allowed countries

Set the allowed countries by using the following property:

Fidel.allowedCountries = [.unitedKingdom, .ireland]

in Objective-C, it would look like the following:

FLFidel.objc_allowedCountries = @[@(FLCountryIreland), @(FLCountryUnitedKingdom)];

The allowed countries are: .unitedKingdom, .unitedStates, .ireland, .sweden, .japan, .canada. By default the allowedCountries array includes all countries allowed by Fidel.

When you set a single country in the array, the card linking screen will not show the country picker UI. It will use the set country for linking the card.

When more than one country is set in the array, the UI selects the first one as the default country, but the user can between the values that you set.


In test environment use our VISA, Mastercard or American Express test card numbers:

VISA: 4444000000004*** (the last 3 numbers can be anything)

Mastercard: 5555000000005*** (the last 3 numbers can be anything)

American Express: 3400000000003** or 3700000000003** (the last 2 numbers can be anything)

Detect when user canceled card linking

Check the code property of the error object you receive in the onCardLinkFailedCallback closure. When the user cancels card linking, the code is user-canceled. The error message is User canceled card linking.


The Fidel iOS SDK is in active development, we welcome your feedback!

Get in touch: GitHub Issues - For SDK issues

Fidel Developers Forum - - for personal support at any phase of integration


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