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An app built with Elm to explore new artists using the Spotify api.
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Spotify Mapper

App built with Elm to explore new artists using the Spotify api. See online Demo.

This app is a new version of my previous Spotify mapper built with Angular 1.x. I used this app to learn more about Elm and see how it works beyond the simplicity of TODO apps.

Elm Spotify Mapper

📦 Features

  • 🔎 Search Artists
  • 🎤 Discover related artists
  • 🎶 Play song previews
  • 🎼 Generate Spotify playlists with the explored artists


$ git clone
$ cd elm-spotify-mapper
$ npm install

After clone this repository run npm install inside the project folder to install and build the project dependencies.

🏃 Getting started

First of all you will need to set the environment variables with your spotify developer credentials:

cp .env.sample .env

Open the .env file and set the CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET and REDIRECT_URI. To run this project in your machine you just need to execute the npm startcommand, it will start a development server on port 3000. Enjoy it!


  • Create playlist with the artists on the node tree
  • Improve the fold structure and split the Update function
  • Improve mobile experience (maybe it should seems like the spotify mobile.)
  • Tests

❤️ Contributing

Please use the issue tracker to report bugs or suggest new features and feel free to fix bugs or add new features on the project. Your contributions is always welcome!

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