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go-concourse-summary Go Report Card Build Status

This is a port of concourse-summary to Golang. The aim is for all features of concourse-summary to be covered in this port. In its current state all features should have been migrated with the exception of the ability to collapse/ expand groups.

The intention of concourse-summary is to show a quick overview of all of your concourse pipelines and groups in a single summary page.

It was intended that all configuration would be compatible between go-concourse-summary and concourse-summary. Unfortunately due to the object model differences on Golang marshaling it has been necessary to rework the format of HOSTS and CS_GROUPS as detailed below, to make this easy we provide some scripts utilizing jq to transform the formats for you.

Converting from concourse-summary


HOSTS="" ./scripts/


CS_GROUPS='{"test":{"":{"binary-builder":["automated-builds","manual-builds"],"brats":null},"":{"greenhouse":null},"":null}}' ./scripts/


As this app is written in GoLang it can be run in a number of ways:

Using go run

go run main.go

As a binary

go build

As a CF app

You may want to modify the example manifest.yml file prior to running your CF push

cf push

Note: For the purpose of migrations to show all groups for a pipeline you can either run omit groups from CS_GROUPS entirely, set it as an empty array ([]) or set it with a single value of ["all"]. However if you use all and the pipeline has a group of all then only that group will be displayed.

All configuration is managed using environment variables:

Variable Description Example
HOSTS A json array of all concourse hosts that you wish to have a dashboard for '["", "", "", "", ""]'
CS_GROUPS A json string of a chosen group name, linking to a host, pipeline and groups in concourse '[{"group":"test","hosts":[{"fqdn":"","pipelines":[{"groups":["automated-builds","manual-builds"],"name":"binary-builder"},{"name":"brats"}]},{"fqdn":""},{"fqdn":"","pipelines":[{"name":"greenhouse"}]}]}]'
SKIP_SSL_VALIDATION If set to "true" then SSL Validation will be ignored for all hosts "true"
REFRESH_INTERVAL An integer in seconds for configuring the page refresh interval, defaults to 30 10
TEAM A string that tells the app which Concourse team to look at. Defaults to "main". "development"

Dependency management

This project uses dep to manage its dependencies.

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