How to install on your own server

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This page is not for users

If you just want to use the app to enter data, you can use the version on the server that we set up for you.

This page is also not for interns or normal developers

If you just want to develop or modify code in the FieldDB client (ie, modifying the user interface) you dont need to set all this up. You can just clone the project and load it as an Unpacked Chrome extension.

This page is for experienced linux/mac server admins

If you're on this page, you probably want to rebrand the Chrome Extension and set up the FieldDB webservices to run on your own server. Or you want to develop some webservices for FieldDB so you need to set them up on your local machine.

How to build FieldDB - Quick start

There are two scripts in our [repository,] ( one for Linux, one for Mac which will set up a "fielddbworkspace" for you where all your services can run as unprivileged users and where your logs will go. Choose the relevant script for your machine, and try to run it. It will tell you if your computer needs some dependancies (explained in the sections below).

$ curl -O --retry 999 --retry-max-time 0 -C -
$ bash
$ wget
$ bash

The install script creates a directory (folder) named "fielddbworkspace" and in there downloads and installs Mongo database, Node the authentication service, the web server and the core client code. The script also tests your set up by turning on the auth service. If the scripts dont work on your machine, more details of the substeps for each substep are in the comments of the provided scripts, leave us a note in our issue tracker if you have questions.

Server Requirements

Below are text instructions for how to set up all the webservices. They are often out of date. We also made videos which might be easier to watch, and we have an entire set of issues which document these steps in Milestone: Code Clean-up and Documentation for Future Devs. Once we have all the videos done in a rough draft form we will put a link to the playlist here. For now, try the scripts we have created...

Recommended Ports and service naming conventions

-- deleted old instructions --

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