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Aggregates sensor data for use by a frontend
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This is a script that aggregates sensor data from stones for use by the frontend (fieldmon). It further provides functionality for logging sensor data to a mariadb database and also handles descriptions for stones (i.e. assigned names and colors from the frontend).

This repository is part of the Fieldtracks project, which aims at creating a tracking system to be used in field exercises by relief organizations.


  1. Clone the project: git clone
  2. Switch to the project directory: cd StoneAggregator
  3. Setup a virtual python environment: python3 -m venv env
  4. Enter the virtual environment: source env/bin/activate
  5. Install dependencies: pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  6. Copy and edit the default config file: cp config-localhost.ini config.ini
  7. Run the script: ./ config.ini

Message format

You can find descriptions and examples of sensor messages and aggregated messages here.


This file is part of StoneAggregator - (C) The Fieldtracks Project

StoneAggregator is distributed under the civilian open source license (COSLi). Military usage is forbidden.

You should have received a copy of COSLi along with StoneAggregator.
If not, please contact
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