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FileZ provides a Web service to upload and manage files you want to share through a web interface and unique URLs (http). It was inspired by the perl/mod_perl application filex.

Project Status

FileZ was created by the Avignon University and is developed by people like you.

Please join us and report your issues, edit our wiki, translate, fork and commit your code!

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  • PHP/Mysql or PHP/Sqlite with the Limonade PHP Framework
  • Several authentication scheme : CAS+LDAP, LDAP only, BDD.
  • short URL (ex:
  • Upload progress bar (with non obstructive javascript)
  • Install form & admin backend
  • i18n
  • Password protected files
  • Email notifications
  • CRON task
  • Quota

More informations on the wiki and at


  • Apache configured with “mod_rewrite” and the “AllowOverride” of your virtual host set to “FileInfo Options” or “All” (important !) a2enmod rewrite && apache2ctl restart

  • To display a progress bar during the upload process you will need one of the following package installed on your system :

    • APC

      apt-get install php-apc echo "apc.rfc1867 = On" >> /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d/apc.ini apache2ctl restart

    • PECL::UploadProgress

      apt-get install php5-dev pecl install uploadprogress echo "extension =" >> /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d/uploadprogress.ini apache2ctl restart

  • You will need php5-curl and php5-dom to be able to authenticate against a CAS server

  • You will need php5-ldap to be able to identicate with a LDAP server


  • Download FileZ sources :

    • from Git

      git clone git:// filez_web_root

    • from SVN

      svn checkout filez_web_root

    • from a package

      tar -xvvf filez-2.0.tar.gz cp filez-2.0/* filez_web_root

  • Open your web browser on your FileZ web root and run the installation. Check the FAQ on our wiki.

  • Enjoy!