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Riot API chalange - ItemSets

Access the application

You can access the application by entering the URL: Note that this application is still under development so don't be surprised if sometimes you see some error. Also the application is available to the world in my PC, so the URL can change as I don't have a static IP address.
This is an application still in development for two chalanges:

Unfortunately I don't have mutch available time to do anything big becouse of work and also a master degree in Computer Science and Multimedia. but what does matter was the challange itself, and learning something new, and I'll say I learn two good things with this challange.

What is this LegendsBuilder:

LegendsBuilder is an web application that allow summoners to submit or download ItemSet builds to use in game using the Riot API. To submit new builds you should be loged in otherwise it only allows you to browse and download submited builds.

The way this application works is by sellecting one game champion, in the champion page you'll have access to the champion information and the submited builds, and if you're loged in you can sellect to submit a new build.

What is done:

  • - Champions load using the Riot API;
  • - Items load using the Riot API;
  • - Autentication by email. The email is then paired with the summoner info;
  • - Validation on validating if the summoner/region exists when registering a new application user;
  • - All passwords are encripted in a mysql database used by this application
  • - A page where all champions are displayed, a user can filter by a specific role
  • - A page displaying the sellected champion stats, lore and submited builds
  • - A page for submiting builds
  • - Save the submited builds in the editor form;
  • - Donwload action;
  • - Like and Dislike buttons on the submited items browser;
  • - Upload a Json file to the app;
  • - Add an item filter in the itemSet editor;
  • - Allow for user comments on submited buids;

To do (In the future) things I did not had time to do in this submition:

  • - A more advanced comment system;
  • - Analyse builds used in game so people can see what people are building for a specific champion and KDA rate with that specific build.
  • - In the build sets browser extimate how many minions are required to buy the items.

Known bugs:

  • - In Internet explorer, the drag and drop in the item set editor don't work. Actualy I only see this feature work in Chrome.
  • - In Internet explorer, downloading a build insted display the file contempt in the web browser (Some versions of I.E it works)
  • - Found a bug whit the submit new builds, to fix a new object for submited builds must be created. For some reason after submiting one, the next one will increment the previous one