@willthrom willthrom released this Mar 31, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

  • Resolved some issues with the RTSP Server
  • Upgrading to 158 should be safe now

Install Instructions

  1. Copy the content (unzip) of the release to the root of the sdcard.
  2. Downgrade to firmware 0099 coping the file https://github.com/Filipowicz251/mijia-1080P-hacks/releases/download/0.8.1/tf_recovery.img into the root of the sdcard.
  3. Power on the camera.
  4. The camera will downgrade to 099 and the Tools will be installed (This could take a minute, the led will blink orange in the process)
  5. (Optinal/Test) When the camera is back on, check the Tools/hack is working using SSH.
  6. Using Xiaomi Mi Home app, upgrade to the latest version.
  7. (Optinal/Test) When the camera is back on, check the Tools/hack is working using SSH.

Note: The camera needs to be linked to your WIFI network before applying any hack.
If not, press the reset button and follow the instructions of paring the device.

Configure (After following instructions section)

  • Check when powering on the camera the led blinks for 5 seconds yellow and blue.
  • Power off the camera.
  • Edit the configuration file, midgard.ini in the root of the sdcard, to enable the different services.
  • Power on the camera and test SSH.


In midgard.ini set RTSP_ENABLED=1
Use any Streamer player with RTSP support, like VLC
Address: rtsp://CAMERA_IP/live/ch00_0

Issue Reporting

  • Attached the log files in the camera and in the log folder

Known Issues

When flashing firmware 99 from the recovery image, the Camera stop streaming video. If for any reason is desired to stuck with that version, use release <0.8.X

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