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Trying to show the very bottom lines of machine learning. Where in each knowledge-based system, a given agent starts with basic grammar rules and empty databases. It will simultaneously conversate and gain knowledge by what is told to him.


You can install MyBot with:

$ git clone

In order to run the python files ou will need the following modules to be imported as well as your own telegram token

    $ pip install python-telegram-bot --upgrade
    $ pip install nltk
    $ pip install uuid4
    $ python

And then in the python shell you should run:

    import nltk
    #from the interface install nltk_data package

Chat commands

To start the conversation:


To interrupt at during answer or question:


Known issues

Doesn't always handle more than answer per question, although it will still store it in the database.


A really big thanks to the creators of the "python-telegram-bot" library, which can be found here


You may copy, distribute and modify the software provided that modifications are described and licensed for free under LGPL-3 . Derivatives works (including modifications or anything statically linked to the library) can only be redistributed under LGPL-3, but applications that use the library don't have to be.