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from flask import jsonify
from urllib.request import urlopen
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from pyquery import PyQuery as j
from app.api import bp
@bp.route('/sites', methods=['GET'])
def sites():
page = urlopen("")
html ="utf-8")
jQuery = j(html)
options = j(j(jQuery(".fl")[0]).children()).children()
site_mapping = []
for opt in options:
value = j(opt).val()
html = j(opt).html().lstrip().rstrip()
value_parts = value.split("/")
site_id = int(value_parts[2])
site_name = value_parts[4]
site_mapping.append({"site_id": site_id, "site_name": site_name, "site_full_name": html})
response = jsonify(site_mapping)
response.status_code = 200
return response
@bp.route('/ranks/<string:site_name>/<int:site_id>/<int:user_id>', methods=['GET'])
def get_user_rank_last_page(site_name, site_id, user_id):
#Get user's rank and last page first
data = {
"week": get_rank_page_by_mode("week", site_name, site_id, user_id),
"month": get_rank_page_by_mode("month", site_name, site_id, user_id),
"quarter": get_rank_page_by_mode("quarter", site_name, site_id, user_id),
"year": get_rank_page_by_mode("year", site_name, site_id, user_id),
"alltime": get_rank_page_by_mode("alltime", site_name, site_id, user_id)
response = jsonify(data)
response.status_code = 200
return response
def get_rank_page_by_mode(mode, site_name, site_id, user_id):
#First day of week (last sunday)
week_date = - timedelta(days=(( + 1) % 7))
week = "{:%Y-%m-%d}".format(week_date)
#First day of month, is also used for quarter
today_date =
if > 25:
today_date += timedelta(7)
month = "{:%Y-%m-%d}".format(today_date)
#Current year
year = "{:%Y}-01-01".format(
modes = {
"week": week,
"month": month,
"quarter": month,
"year": year,
"alltime": "2008-07-31"
page = urlopen("{}/{}/{}/{}/{}?sort=reputationchange#{}".format(site_id, mode, site_name, modes[mode], user_id, user_id))
html ="utf-8")
jQuery = j(html)
user_rank = None
max_page = None
last_rank = None
user_rank = int(j(j(j(jQuery(".highlight").children()[2]).children()[0]).children()[0]).html()[1:])
max_page = int(j(j(jQuery("[rel='next']").parent().children()[jQuery("[rel='next']").parent().children().length-2]).children()[0]).html())
except IndexError:
return {"user_rank": user_rank, "max_page": max_page}
page = urlopen("{}/{}/{}/{}?sort=reputationchange&page={}".format(site_id, mode, site_name, modes[mode], max_page))
html ="utf-8")
jQuery = j(html)
last_rank = int(j(j(j(jQuery(".league-container").children()[jQuery(".league-container").children().length-1]).children()[0]).children()[0]).html()[1:])
except IndexError:
return {"user_rank": user_rank, "last_rank": last_rank, "max_page": max_page}