Python API and command line tool for talking to the Nest™ Thermostat
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a Python interface for the Nest Thermostat

fork of pynest by Scott M Baker,,

##Installation [sudo] pip install nest-thermostat



You can import the module as nest_thermostat. Use the source, luke!

Tips: you need to manually call .login() first, and .get_status() before .show_*()

Command line

syntax: [options] command [command_args]
   --user <username>      ... username on
   --password <password>  ... password on
   --celsius              ... use celsius (the default is farenheit)
   --serial <number>      ... optional, specify serial number of nest to use
   --index <number>       ... optional, 0-based index of nest
                                (use --serial or --index, but not both)

    temp <temperature>         ... set target temperature
    fan [auto|on]              ... set fan state
    mode [cool|heat|range|off] ... set fan state
    away                       ... toggle away
    show                       ... show everything
    curtemp                    ... print current temperature
    curhumid                   ... print current humidity
    curmode                    ... print current mode

examples: --user --password swordfish temp 73 --user --password swordfish fan auto

Chris Burris's Siri Nest Proxy was very helpful to learn the Nest's authentication and some bits of the protocol.