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Engineering Progression

Careers and progression for engineers in the CTO organisation.


This repository is the single source of truth for the competencies and level definitions for Engineering roles in the CTO organisation at the FT.

Keeping this framework in GitHub means we can use issues and pull requests to track and discuss changes to the competencies and role descriptions. Storing it in this way also allows us to version it and release any changes.

This framework can be used in its raw form (YAML files), but it is also available via JSON endpoint, which means other things can be built off it (eg a Google Sheet)

Engineering Competencies

Engineering competencies are used to inform conversations about career progression between an engineer and their line manager. There are several ways that you can read through these competencies and track progress:


Anybody working for the Financial Times is welcome to suggest changes via a GitHub issue or pull request. We maintain a contributing guide to help people who are interested. There are many different ways you can contribute and help make this resource better for everyone:

  • Contribute to the Engineering Competencies
    Every engineer in the CTO organisation of the Financial Times can help shape these competencies. A guide for adding or editing competencies is here.

  • Contribute to the documentation and website
    It's important that the documentation in this repo and the Engineering Progression website is clear and easy to understand. Get started maintaining the documentation

  • Build your own integration
    The competencies data is available through a JSON API, which means that engineers at the Financial Times can build their own integrations on top of it. Get started writing your own integrations

  • Contribute to the running of this repository
    This repository is the one source of truth for engineering careers and progression, and as such it's important that the code is maintained. It's also important that issues and pull requests are responded to quickly. Get started contributing to the running of this repo


This software is published by the Financial Times under the MIT licence.