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# Warning: Do not edit this file. Update it by running `make update-tools`.
# It's maintained on GitHub. Submit pull requests here:
# Export environment variables if a .env file is present.
ifeq ($(ENV_EXPORTED),) # ENV vars not yet exported
ifneq ("$(wildcard .env)","")
sinclude .env
export $(shell [ -f .env ] && sed 's/=.*//' .env)
export ENV_EXPORTED=true
$(info Note — An .env file exists. Its contents have been exported as environment variables.)
# Enforce repo ownership
ifeq ("$(wildcard ft.yml)","")
$(error 'Projects making use of n-makefile *must* define an ft.yml file containing the repo owner's details (see any next- repo for required structure)')
$(error 'If you are creating a project not to be maintained by the next team please feel free to copy what you need from our build tools but don't add an ft.yml.')
$(error 'Integrating with our tooling may result in unwanted effects e.g. nightly builds, slack alerts, emails etc')
# ./node_modules/.bin on the PATH
export PATH := ./node_modules/.bin:$(PATH)
# Use bash not sh
SHELL := /bin/bash
# Some handy utilities
GLOB = git ls-files -z $1 | tr '\0' '\n' | xargs -I {} find {} ! -type l
NPM_INSTALL = npm prune --production=false && npm install
BOWER_INSTALL = bower prune && bower install
JSON_GET_VALUE = grep $1 | head -n 1 | sed 's/[," ]//g' | cut -d : -f 2
IS_GIT_IGNORED = grep -q $(if $1, $1, $@) .gitignore
VERSION = master
APP_NAME = $(shell cat package.json 2>/dev/null | $(call JSON_GET_VALUE,name))
DONE = echo ✓ $@ done
CONFIG_VARS = curl -fsL$1/$(call APP_NAME)$(if $2,.$2,) -H "Authorization: `heroku config:get APIKEY --app ft-next-config-vars`"
IS_USER_FACING = `find . -type d \( -path ./bower_components -o -path ./node_modules \) -prune -o -name '*.html' -print`
MAKEFILE_HAS_A11Y = `grep -rli "make a11y\|a11y:" Makefile`
.PHONY: test
clea%: ## clean: Clean this git repository.
# HACK: Can't use -e option here because it's not supported by our Jenkins
@git clean -fxd
instal%: ## install: Setup this repository.
instal%: node_modules bower_components _install_scss_lint .editorconfig .eslintrc.js .scss-lint.yml .pa11yci.js webpack.config.js heroku-cli
@$(MAKE) $(foreach f, $(shell find functions/* -type d -maxdepth 0 2>/dev/null), $f/node_modules $f/bower_components)
@if [ -z $(CIRCLECI) ] && [ ! -e .env ]; then (echo "Note: If this is a development environment, you will likely need to import the project's environment variables by running 'make .env'."); fi
deplo%: ## deploy: Deploy this repository.
deplo%: _deploy_apex
verif%: ## verify: Verify this repository.
verif%: ci-n-ui-check _verify_lintspaces _verify_eslint _verify_scss_lint _verify_pa11y_testable
a11%: ## a11y: Check accessibility for this repository.
a11%: _run_pa11y
asset%: ## assets: Build the static assets.
asset%: ## assets-production: Build the static assets for production.
@if [ -e webpack.config.js ]; then webpack $(if $(findstring assets-production,$@),--bail,--dev); fi
buil%: ## build: Build this repository.
buil%: ## build-production: Build this repository for production.
buil%: dev-n-ui public/__about.json
@if [ -e webpack.config.js ]; then $(MAKE) $(subst build,assets,$@); fi
@if [ -e Procfile ] && [ "$(findstring build-production,$@)" == "build-production" ]; then haikro build; fi
watc%: dev-n-ui ## watch: Watch for static asset changes.
@if [ -e webpack.config.js ]; then webpack --watch --dev; fi
# In CircleCI
ifneq ($(CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM),)
# The app is using n-ui
ifneq ($(shell grep -s -Fim 1 n-ui bower.json),)
# versions in package.json and bower.json are not equal
ifneq ($(shell awk '$$1 == "\"version\":" {print $$2}' bower_components/n-ui/.bower.json | sed s/,//),$(shell awk '$$1 == "\"version\":" {print $$2}' node_modules/@financial-times/n-ui/package.json | sed s/,//))
$(error 'Projects using n-ui must maintain parity between versions. Rebuild without cache and update your bower.json and package.json if necessary. If this error persists make sure that the n-ui build succeeded in publishing a new version to NPM and that both NPM and Bower registries have the latest version.')
# Remind developers that if they want to use a local version of n-ui,
# they need to `export NEXT_APP_SHELL=local`
ifeq ($(NODE_ENV),) # Not production
ifeq ($(CIRCLE_BRANCH),) # Not CircleCI
ifneq ($(shell grep -s -Fim 1 n-ui bower.json),) # The app is using n-ui
ifneq ($(NEXT_APP_SHELL),local) # NEXT_APP_SHELL is not set to local
$(info Developers: If you want your app to point to n-ui locally, then `export NEXT_APP_SHELL=local`)
# Regular npm install
node_modules: package.json
@if [ -e package.json ]; then $(NPM_INSTALL) && $(DONE); fi
# Regular bower install
bower_components: bower.json
@if [ -e bower.json ]; then $(BOWER_INSTALL) && $(DONE); fi
# These tasks have been intentionally left blank
# node_modules for Lambda functions
@cd $(dir $@) && if [ -e package.json ]; then $(NPM_INSTALL) && $(DONE); fi
# bower_components for Lambda functions
@cd $(dir $@) && if [ -e bower.json ]; then $(BOWER_INSTALL) && $(DONE); fi
@if [ ! -x "$(shell which scss-lint)" ] && [ "$(shell $(call GLOB,'*.scss'))" != "" ]; then gem install scss-lint -v 0.35.0 && $(DONE); fi
# Manage various dot/config files if they're in the .gitignore
.editorconfig .eslintrc.js .scss-lint.yml webpack.config.js .pa11yci.js: n.Makefile
@if $(call IS_GIT_IGNORED); then curl -sL$(VERSION)/config/$@ > $@ && $(DONE); fi
ENV_MSG_IGNORE_ENV = "Error: '.gitignore' must include: *.env* (including the asterisks)"
ENV_MSG_PACKAGE_JSON = "Error: 'package.json' not found."
ENV_MSG_CIRCLECI = "Error: The 'CIRCLECI' environment variable must *not* be set."
ENV_MSG_CANT_GET = "Error: Cannot get config vars for this service. Check you are added to the ft-next-config-vars service on Heroku with operate permissions. Do that here: (or ask someone to do it for you). Check that your package.json's name property is correct. Check that your project has config-vars set up in"
@if [[ $(shell grep --count *.env* .gitignore) -eq 0 ]]; then (echo $(ENV_MSG_IGNORE_ENV) && exit 1); fi
@if [ ! -e package.json ]; then (echo $(ENV_MSG_PACKAGE_JSON) && exit 1); fi
@if [ ! -z $(CIRCLECI) ]; then (echo $(ENV_MSG_CIRCLECI) && exit 1); fi
@$(call CONFIG_VARS,development,env) > .env && perl -pi -e 's/="(.*)"/=\1/' .env && $(DONE) || (echo $(ENV_MSG_CANT_GET) && rm .env && exit 1);
# replace .env with this when you want to use the vault instead of config-vars
.env-vault: vault-cli
@if [[ $(shell grep --count *.env* .gitignore) -eq 0 ]]; then (echo $(ENV_MSG_IGNORE_ENV) && exit 1); fi
@if [ ! -e package.json ]; then (echo $(ENV_MSG_PACKAGE_JSON) && exit 1); fi
@if [ ! -z $(CIRCLECI) ]; then (echo $(ENV_MSG_CIRCLECI) && exit 1); fi
# get development config from the vault
# - the tail command removes the first three lines (vault metadata)
# - the sed command removes the last line (empty line)
# - the perl command changes remaining lines to key=value format
@vault read secret/teams/next/$$(echo $(APP_NAME) | sed 's/^ft-//')/development \
| tail -n +4 \
| sed -e '$$ d' \
| perl -pe 's/^([^ \t]+)\s+(.+)$$/\1=\2/' \
> .env
@vault read secret/teams/next/shared/development \
| tail -n +4 \
| sed -e '$$ d' \
| perl -pe 's/^([^ \t]+)\s+(.+)$$/\1=\2/' \
>> .env
MSG_HEROKU_CLI = "Please make sure the Heroku CLI toolbelt is installed - see And make sure you are authenticated by running ‘heroku login’. If this is not an app, delete Procfile."
@if [ -e Procfile ]; then heroku auth:whoami &>/dev/null || (echo $(MSG_HEROKU_CLI) && exit 1); fi
MSG_VAULT_CLI = "Please make sure the Vault CLI is installed - see And make sure you are authenticated."
@if [ -e Procfile ] && [[ $$(vault token-lookup 2>&1 | grep -c error) -gt 0 ]]; then (echo $(MSG_VAULT_CLI) && exit 1); fi
@if [ -e .eslintrc.js ]; then $(call GLOB,'*.js') | xargs eslint --ignore-pattern '!' && $(DONE); fi
@if [ -e .editorconfig ] && [ -e package.json ]; then $(call GLOB) | xargs lintspaces -e .editorconfig -i js-comments -i html-comments && $(DONE); fi
# HACK: Use backticks rather than xargs because xargs swallow exit codes (everything becomes 1 and stoopidly scss-lint exits with 1 if warnings, 2 if errors)
@if [ -e .scss-lint.yml ]; then { scss-lint -c ./.scss-lint.yml `$(call GLOB,'*.scss')`; if [ $$? -ne 0 -a $$? -ne 1 ]; then exit 1; fi; $(DONE); } fi
VERIFY_MSG_NO_DEMO = "Error: Components with templates must have a demo app, so that pa11y can test against it. This component doesn’t seem to have one. Add a demo app to continue peacefully. See n-image for an example."
VERIFY_MSG_NO_PA11Y = "\n**** Error ****\nIt looks like your code is user-facing; your Makefile should include make a11y\nIf you need to disable a11y, use export IGNORE_A11Y = true in your Makefile\n********\n\n"
#check if project has HTML and missing make a11y command
#check if project has demo app if there's a make a11y command
@if [ ! -z "$(IS_USER_FACING)" ] && [ -z $(MAKEFILE_HAS_A11Y) ] && [ ! ${IGNORE_A11Y} ]; then (printf $(VERIFY_MSG_NO_PA11Y) && exit 1); fi
@if [ ! -z "$(IS_USER_FACING)" ] && [ ! -d server ] && [ ! -f demos/app.js ]; then (echo $(VERIFY_MSG_NO_DEMO) && exit 1); fi
ifneq ($(CIRCLE_BRANCH),)
@export TEST_URL=${TEST_APP}; \
echo ${TEST_APP} | grep http -s || export TEST_URL=http://${TEST_APP}; \
@export TEST_URL=; pa11y-ci;
@if [ -e project.json ]; then $(call CONFIG_VARS,production) > $(APEX_PROD_ENV_FILE) && apex deploy --env-file $(APEX_PROD_ENV_FILE); fi
@if [ -e $(APEX_PROD_ENV_FILE) ]; then rm $(APEX_PROD_ENV_FILE) && $(DONE); fi
npm-publis%: ## npm-publish: Publish this package to npm.
npm-prepublish --verbose
npm publish --access public
# Only apply to Heroku apps for now
@if [ -e Procfile ]; then mkdir -p public && echo '{"description":"$(call APP_NAME)","support":"","supportStatus":"active","appVersion":"$(shell git rev-parse HEAD | xargs echo -n)","buildCompletionTime":"$(shell date -u +"%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ")"}' > $@ && $(DONE); fi
update-tools: ## update-tools: Update this Makefile.
$(eval LATEST = $(shell curl -fs | $(call JSON_GET_VALUE,name)))
$(if $(filter $(LATEST), $(VERSION)), $(error Cannot update n-makefile, as it is already up to date!))
@curl -sL$(LATEST)/Makefile > n.Makefile
@perl -p -i -e "s/^VERSION = master/VERSION = ${LATEST}/" n.Makefile
@read -p "Updated tools from $(VERSION) to $(LATEST). Do you want to commit and push? [y/N] " Y;\
if [ "$$Y" == "y" ]; then git add n.Makefile && git commit -m "Updated tools to $(LATEST)" && git push origin HEAD; fi
hel%: ## help: Show this help message.
@echo "usage: make [target] ..."
@echo ""
@echo "targets:"
@grep -Eh '^.+:\ ##\ .+' ${MAKEFILE_LIST} | cut -d ' ' -f '3-' | column -t -s ':'
# Wrapper for make deploy which prevents it running when build is a nightly
# Nightly builds are trigger by next-rebuild-bot
$(MAKE) deploy
echo "Nightly build - exiting before deploy"