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"description": "JavaScript utilities for formatting and updating dates in the FT style. Also useful for formatting dates relative to the current time.",
"keywords": ["datetime", "time", "timestamp"],
"origamiType": "module",
"origamiCategory": "utilities",
"origamiVersion": 1,
"support": "",
"supportContact": {
"email": "",
"slack": "financialtimes/ft-origami"
"supportStatus": "active",
"features": {
"required": [
"ci": {
"circle": ""
"demosDefaults": {
"js": "demos/src/demo.js",
"sass": "demos/src/demo.scss"
"demos": [
"name": "declarative",
"template": "demos/src/declarative.mustache",
"js": "demos/src/declarative.js",
"title": "Declarative",
"description": "Date will be set using the string in the datetime attribute and rendered as an absolute date as it was over a year ago."
"name": "imperative",
"template": "demos/src/imperative.mustache",
"js": "demos/src/imperative.js",
"hidden": true,
"title": "Imperative",
"description": "We're setting the datetime attribute on both date elements imperatively and these are then rendered as relative dates"
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