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Deprecated. We recommend o-layout with o-header-services instead.
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Tech docs framework Build Status MIT licensed

Deprecated. We recommend o-layout with o-header-services instead.

Documentation styles for technical documentation, API references and internal tools.

It is used in the Origami registry, the image service and the Origami website itself.


o-techdocs has no silent mode, so the provided CSS classes beginning with o-techdocs must be used. See the demo page for examples.


The o-techdocs now uses the o-header-services header. The markup for the header can be found in the techdocs demo, for complete documentation, see

Migrating from v6.x.x to v7.x.x

V7 introduces a dependency on o-header-services and removes a dependency on o-hierachical-nav. You should use the o-header-services markup to get the header styles that you need (including navigation). V7 introduces a dependency on o-typography which might cause build errors if you're also using older versions of o-typography elsewhere. V7 bumps o-colors to the new major version. Some of the colors in o-tech-docs have changes slightly. V7 removes some code deprecated in a previous version.

Upgrading from v5.x.x to v6.x.x

v6 of o-techdocs removes a dependency on o-header v4. To upgrade, you'll need to do a find-replace on instances of o-header for o-techdocs-header.

In moving o-header back into o-techdocs-header it's possible that we've failed to migrate some features across. If, after updating to v6 and renaming o-header to o-techdocs-header, you find that things aren't working, please raise an issue.

Upgrading from v4.x.x to v5.x.x

o-techdocs v5 relies on o-header v4 and o-grid v4.

+<div class="o-techdocs-container">
 	<div class="o-techdocs-layout">

 	</div> <!-- /.o-techdocs-layout -->
+</div> <!-- /.o-techdocs-container -->

 <footer class="o-techdocs-footer">
-	<div class="o-techdocs-footer__inner">
 		<p class="o-techdocs-footer__secondary"><a href="">View project on GitHub</a></p>
 		<p>&copy; THE FINANCIAL TIMES LTD. FT and 'Financial Times' are trademarks of The Financial Times Ltd.</p>
-	</div>
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