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Shadows, animations, patterns etc.
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Visual Effects Circle CI MIT licensed

This Origami component provides CSS visual effects via a set of Sass variables and mixins.



When using the build service or importing the module with silent mode set to false, o-visual-effects provides helper classes to access the different levels of box shadow settings. The main class available is: .o-visual-effects-shadow which outputs a low shadow. To access any other level of shadow, you should use the modifier for that level, for example: .o-visual-effects-shadow--high.

<div class="box o-visual-effects-shadow--high">Box content</div>


As with all Origami components, o-visual-effects has a silent mode. To use its compiled CSS (rather than using its mixins with your own Sass) set $o-visual-effects-is-silent : false; in your Sass before you import the o-visual-effects Sass.

$o-visual-effects-is-silent: false;
@import 'o-visual-effects/main';

Shadows mixin

The oVisualEffectsShadowsElevation mixin is used to add a consistent shadow to your element. There are 4 levels of shadow available: ultralow, low (default), mid, and high.


.my-element {
	@include oVisualEffectsShadowsElevation('mid');


	box-shadow: 0 1px 3px rgba(77, 72, 69, 0.2), 0 6px 10px rgba(77, 72, 69, 0.15);

Transition variables

When adding transitions to elements in CSS, you should use o-visual-effects variables for consistent timings for slide, expand, and fade effects.


.transition--slide {
	transition: all 0.5s $o-visual-effects-transition-slide;

.transition--expand {
	transition: all 0.5s $o-visual-effects-transition-expand;

.transition--fade {
	transition: all 0.5s $o-visual-effects-transition-fade;


.transition--slide {
	transition: all 0.5s cubic-bezier(1, 0, 0.5, 1.275);

.transition--expand {
	transition: all 0.5s cubic-bezier(0.215, 0.61, 0.355, 1);

.transition--fade {
	transition: all 0.5s cubic-bezier(0.165, 0.84, 0.44, 1);

Migration Guide

Migrating from v1 to v2

The following changes have been made to the mixins in o-visual-effects:

  • oEffectsBackgroundsPinStripe removed.
  • oEffectsShadowsElevation renamed to oVisualEffectsShadowsElevation.


If you have any questions or comments about this component, or need help using it, please either raise an issue, visit #ft-origami or email Origami Support.


This software is published by the Financial Times under the MIT licence.

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