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Troubleshooting Origami Build Tools

Different common issues encountered when using OBT organized by the different tasks.


Installing Node.js

Node is available in most package management repositories, and instructions are available in the Node install guide:

Install Node.js via package manager

Fix npm permissions

npm should not require root access when installing packages. If you get an EACCES error when installing a package globally, you'll need to fix npm's permissions:

  1. Make a directory for global installations:

    mkdir ~/npm-global
  2. Configure npm to use the new directory path:

    npm config set prefix '~/npm-global'
  3. Open or create a ~/.bash_profile file and add this line:

    export PATH=~/npm-global/bin:$PATH

    Ubuntu Desktop note: Modify your ~/.bashrc instead of ~/.bash_profile.

    Zsh note: Modify your ~/.zshrc file instead of ~/.bash_profile.

  4. Back on the command line, update your system variables:

    source ~/.bash_profile

Test: Download a package globally without using sudo.

npm install -g origami-build-tools