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JakeChampion Beta V3 API -- Moving from Heroku to AWS+Serverless framework (#1777)
* Rebuild polyfill-service as a serverless application for v3 api

* Add yaml to editor config

* Remove whitesource

* Add secret -squirrel config

* Add new readme

* Add circle config

* update gitignore

* delete eslintrc

* add new package.json

* Move eslint to polyfill-library folder

* update package.json for polyfill-library

* Remove comments from bundle which make the bundle contents vary per useragent

* Add feature detects to the bundle if the useragent is unknown and the unknown=polyfill flag is set

* Expose a method to list all the aliases available in the sources

* Update baseline versions of browsers and separate edge from ie

* Don't create a function if no polyfills are in the bundle

* Refactor getOptions

* linting

* updateconfigs for new edge ande edge_mob browsers

* Update detect to find non-spec compliant copyWithin methods

* linting

* Make Blob polyfill work with browsers which have native BlobBuilder constructors which do not work with arrays

* Improve the DOMTokenList[Symbol.iterator] detect to not throw errors

* Rewrite detect to work correctly

* Use window directly instead of the context

* Remove bundled feature detect inside the polyfill

* Update tests to work on native imlpementations

* Update detect to find non-spec compliant Maps

* Math functions don't specify how many decimal places to resolve to

* Run these tests :-)

* Update Set detect to find non-spec compliant Set

* Update detect to find non-spec compliant fromCodePoint methods

* USe correct symbol in the test

* Update detect to find non-spec compliant implementations

* update detects to find non-spec compliant implementations

* Add TODO comment

* update tests for new baseline browser versions

* remove copy paste from readme

* use correct support email address

* Enable the service to be deployed to dns zone

* enable fastly domains to be different in production than other environments

* Allow different records between production and other environments

* Add README files :-)

* Use correct variable name

* fix linting issues

* rename to domains_override

* Remove all domains from Terraform config if deploying to a non-production environment

* Remove `include` which was to an old file

* Move test to correct folder

* Rename file to normalizeUa

* update test to have the correct assertion values

* update jsdoc comment

* When the specified library version is the same as the locally installed version, use the locally installed version of the library

* require polyfill-library from the node_modules folder

* Remove chrome 42 as it is currently broken on browserstack

* Add npm run task for updating browserstack browser list

* Remove dev command as it is the same as start command

* Make Object.getOwnPropertyNames work with non-array-like strings which exist in ES3 engines

* target ie 8 and below for object.getownpropertynames polyfill

* Grab the current version from the package.json file to ensure the test always checks against the latest version

* npm version is run manually as part of the release process

* Update the way releases are created and documented
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