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JakeChampion Move from custom test-runner to Karma (#1826)
* Use new version of proclaim which has all the custom methods we had implemented

* Fix jsdoc default value

* Changed from custom test-runner to karma

* Use new version of proclaim which has all the custom methods we had implemented

* update lock

* backend url is captured in the ddebug-vcl-route header

* k

* k

* fix the conflicts

* more changes

* use latest proclaim

* update default port

* remove bad browser

* ridic

* Use correct method name

* Move test polyfills command to polyfill-library package

* Add execa dep

* fix test setup

* fix path for karma config lookup

* update env vars

* add tunnel mode

* bump proclaim

* remove default value

* increase socket timeout

* ok

* h

* Add helpful logs for debugging

* remove contains

* remove tests for feature we have not suported yet

* use a ncie varaible name

* delete tests that were all skipped

* Remove android versions which actually use Chrome

* lint

* log

* Use Karma for running the polyfill tests

* fix config lookup

* reanme to what karma defaults to

* Add describe block

* use older version of karma which doesnt have the es module feature which is broken on safari 10

* use mocha web reporter

* delete bad tests

* move Document to document

* Add Document alias to document

* Move to correct folder location

* rename Document to document

* fix test

* fix command

* yep

* Remove polyfill for feature which should not exist

* use new window mode

* Bad code

* bad code

* yeh

* ok
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config.json Move from custom test-runner to Karma (#1826) Dec 14, 2018
detect.js Split into polyfill-library and polyfill-service (#1693) Apr 9, 2018