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The main challenge for clever transactional mails is to get IT to segment the users in real-time and trigger a Mandrill API call to send out an email. This web app enables combining Mixpanel Webhooks with Templates from Mandrill to make event-based emails trackable and beautiful.


  1. Parse Account
  2. Mixpanel Account
  3. Mandrill Account

This code is supposed to be running on Parse.


  • Create an account on
  • Install Development Tools on your machine (Quickstart Guide)
  • Create a new Project
  • Copy files into project folder
  • Deploy!

How to

  1. Go to your root domain like:
  2. Click on Setup, create your account (user: admin; pass: ###)
  3. Log into your account
  4. Insert your data in
  5. Have a Template in Mandrill (Templates?!)
  6. Go to and create a new Webhook
  7. Important: Restrict class creation on Parse (doc)
  8. Important: Edit Class-Level Permissions for User and Webhook - for public only allow create
  9. Go to Mixpanel, create a new Webhook (Notifications / New Notification / Webhook)
  10. Done!


  • API-Key: Your Mandrill API-Key
  • Admin Notification E-Mail: Receive notifications (Mixpanel profile without E-Mail, Request to Non-existing Endpoint, Invalide E-Mail address)

New Webhook

  • Name: An inidividual name for your webhook to identify between many different ones
  • Endpoint: The URL endpoint where Mixpanel sends the request to
  • Mandrill Template Slug: The slug from a given Mandrill Template
  • Subject: Subject for your E-Mails to be sent through the web app - overwrites the default values from Mandrill
  • GA Campaign: Name of the Google Analytics Campaign you want to include
  • Track Opens: Turn on tracking of recipient opens the email
  • Track Clicks: Turn on tracking of recipient clicks on a link within the email
  • E-Mail From: The email address which will be displayed as sender
  • E-Nail Name: The name which will be displayed as sender


If you need any help or want to give feedback, do not hesitate to contact dennis dot ruske at finc3 dot de