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Search with more than one word is broken #18

realityking opened this Issue · 6 comments

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No description provided.


Also related to this is that common words are not ignored.


The common word problem was actually the separate issue when the language debugging is enabled which has now been fixed.

Currently NOT works but OR only works if the jxtended libraries are enabled. AND does not work.


Right now, I'm running into a problem where spaces aren't being honored in the search terms. So a search for administrator components is searching for administratorcomponents.


Yes I think this is all related ... I think that it is a problem with the glue. The individual generate queries are right.


I committed some changes to fix this. Mainly what was happening is that $base was being modified so that it was incorrect in iterations and you were ending up with extra ANDs that could never be true. To fix it I reset $base before it is cloned There is also a change to getListQuery related to this. I left the old code commented because we may want to discuss this further and modify it in a different way.
I'm not closing this yet because I think there are still issues to discuss related to this.


Closing since the platform changes are now in the CMS.

@elinw elinw closed this
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