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Review sliderfilter.js #29

mbabker opened this Issue · 1 comment

2 participants

Michael Babker Rouven Weßling
Michael Babker

It looks like the sliderfilter.js file was never properly updated from MooTools 1.1 to 1.2. The script here, which is used in the filter edit view, needs to be updated to work properly with MooTools 1.3.

Viet Hoang Vu vietvh referenced this issue from a commit in vietvh/Finder
Viet Hoang Vu vietvh Review sliderfilter.js #29 be94731
Rouven Weßling realityking referenced this issue from a commit
Rouven Weßling realityking Partly fix for #29 12efb4d
Rouven Weßling

There's still an issue related to the scroller that I couldn't figure out so far but at least the basics are working...

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