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Begot by: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21939087/fine-uploader-using-both-direct-s3-and-traditional-in-same-project

When using fineuploader.com/customize it is currently not possible to select more than one endpoint. This means the solution for supporting multiple endpoints would be to include two distinct copies of Fine Uploader on your page. When one includes two instances of custom Fine Uploader builds (each build referring to a distinct endpoint type) on a page it is only possible to use the latter endpoint handler since the qq global object is redeclared in client/js/utils.js. Another (smaller) matter is the code duplication and an extra HTTP request.

Example, if my scripts are laid out like so:

<script src="fineuploader/s3.fineuploader-4.3.1.js"></script>
<script src="fineuploader/traditional.fineuploader-4.3.1.js"></script>

Then I am not able to instantiate a new S3 endpoint handler because qq.s3 is not in the qq object once the traditional uploader is interpreted.


a) Update website customize form to accomodate multiple endpoints. This will require changing endpoint radio buttons to checkboxes. Theoretically, the custom build grunt task and assembler server should still continue to work as expected. The server may need to be tweaked to parse the checkboxes instead of the radios.

b) Test builds / assembler server

Another workaround I found was to redeclare the qq namespace/object like so in client/js/utils.js

var qq = window.qq || function(element) {
// ...
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@feltnerm feltnerm site(customize.html): #1144 - Allow multiple endpoint selections
This fixes the customize.html form  to allow users to select more
than one endpoint handler.

I guess this fixes #1144
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@feltnerm feltnerm Merge branch 'site/multiple-endpoints' into site/4.4
* site/multiple-endpoints:
  site(customize.html): #1144 - Allow multiple endpoint selections
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I have single page AngularJS application where I want to be able to choose the between traditional or S3 uploader instance before creating it. The type of uploader is chosen based on the response of a GET request I send just before creating the uploader.

How do I download a custom build of fine-uploader containing both s3 and traditional uploaders? This was supported before but has been removed recently.


Hmm, this seems to have fallen through the cracks when we updated our download/build system. I'll be sure to have this fixed when 5.3.0 is released. In the meantime, you can build all.fineuploader.js by following the instructions in the building Fine Uploader guide.

@ayelkawar2 I'd be happy to build the version of your choice for you and send the combined version via email. If you're a license-holder, send an email to support and I'll get back to you with a zip file.

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Thanks for the link. I can use the all.fineuploader.js until 5.3.0 version is released.

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My plan is to simply publish an additional combined JS file that includes Azure, S3, and the traditional endpoint handler. This will essentially be the all.fineuploader.js file that is created (but not published) when the build is run. Not sure if I'm going to provide one w/ and one w/out the jQuery wrapper though. I'd love to just build one w/out.

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@rnicholus rnicholus chore(site): "all" download option, sans jQuery
fixes #1144
[skip ci]
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Completed as part of 5.3.0. This is the last scheduled case for 5.3.0, so if testing goes well release will be next.

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@rnicholus rnicholus chore(build): inc build num b7053e5
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@rnicholus rnicholus fix(build): one file for multiple endpoint types no longer available
This also removes the jQuery wrapper from all.fine-uploader.js.
TODO: website update that disables jQuery checkbox if "all" build is selected

fixes #1144
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