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onAutoRetry event should allow returning boolean to prevent further retries #2018

DanielWare opened this Issue Jun 22, 2018 · 2 comments


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DanielWare commented Jun 22, 2018

Type of issue

  • Bug report
  • Feature request

Uploader type

  • Traditional
  • S3
  • Azure
Feature Request onAutoRetry should allow returning true/false to allow/prevent further retries

Feature request details

Sometimes logic on the client side will need to make decisions about whether to continue trying to upload a failed/failing upload. Currently there is no way to make intelligent decisions about when to keep retrying and when to fail the upload. We have to either set uploads retry attempts to 10000 and try forever or set it to 10 and possibly fail an upload on a poor connection even if it would have completed with more attempts.


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rnicholus commented Jun 29, 2018

Why not just use a sensible value and just ask your users to manually retry? If you need to retry an upload 10 times, there are other, more important issues to solve besides this one.


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DanielWare commented Jun 29, 2018

There are many client side connection issues that can’t be solved from the developers end. What about especially large files on poor connections? Users don’t want to sit and stare at an upload screen for an hour clicking retry every time their connection gets reset. By allowing a Boolean return, devs can check other factors (to see if there is a connection at all, etc) and determine if the current upload should continue or fail.

Alternatively being able to set the upload status to upload_failed by api would work.

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