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Using fineuploader S3 cross-device #2050

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I'm creating a cross-device application. I'm using react-native web to build a web and native application sharing code.

I almost nailed it using the fine-uploader to upload a video to S3 using the fine-uploader library. But unfortunately I couldn't get it to work for native.

I got it to work in Reactjs using the basic uploader without the dropzone you provide, because of react-native doesn't use html and css. Here is my example:

import qq from 'fine-uploader/lib/core/s3'

let file =[0]
let uploader = new qq.s3.FineUploaderBasic({
    request: {
        endpoint: 'endpoint',
            accessKey: 'accessKey'

uploader.addFiles({name:, blob: file});

Amazing how easy this was. i'm retrieving the file via a file input. On react native I use Expo ImagePicker.

The FineUploaderBasic is perfect, but it lives in the same file which uses code for the Element (which i don't need). This code contains document.createElement("input"), navigator.userAgent and probably more code which is not available in react-native. So when I import fine-uploader/lib/core/s3I get errors like Can't find document.

Is it possible that the FineUploaderBasic would live in it's own file? So you can import it separate like:
import FineUploaderBasic from 'fine-uploader/lib/core/s3/FineUploaderBasic'

Feature request details

react-native-web is really cool, sharing almost all your code over native and web. Probably more people would like to upload videos to S3 easily via the fineuploader library

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