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onError callback throws "this._uploadData.retrieve(...) is undefined" #2067

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Type of issue

  • Bug report

Uploader type

  • Traditional
  • S3

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Bug Report

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Browsers where the bug is reproducible

Any browser

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Exact steps required to reproduce the issue

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  1. Multiple uploads on
  2. validate on item limit (eg 3)
  3. Drag too many files (eg 4)

All relevant Fine Uploader-related code that you have written

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Detailed explanation of the problem

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[Fine Uploader 5.16.2] Caught exception in 'onError' callback - this._uploadData.retrieve(...) is undefined util.js:241:42 qq.log util.js:241:42 log uploader.basic.api.js:304:16 safeCallback uploader.basic.api.js:1964:20 _wrapCallbacks/</self._options.callbacks[callbackName] uploader.basic.api.js:1975:31 _batchError uploader.basic.api.js:502:12 _batchError uploader.api.js:662:12 _onValidateBatchCallbackSuccess uploader.basic.api.js:1684:16 qq.bind/< util.js:691:23 _handleCheckedCallback uploader.basic.api.js:1086:16 _prepareItemsForUpload uploader.basic.api.js:1723:12 _prepareItemsForUpload uploader.api.js:685:12 addFiles uploader.basic.api.js:110:16 processingDroppedFilesComplete uploader.api.js:150:28 uploadDroppedFiles dnd.js:29:8 onDrop/< dnd.js:180:24 then promise.js:32:16 onDrop dnd.js:178:61 attachEvents/< dnd.js:481:16
and therefore any callbacks hang then

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