A Golang upload server for the fineuploader.com library
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Go (a.k.a. Golang) Server-Side Example for the Widen Fine Uploader Javascript Library

This repository contains a Golang server-side example for users of Widen's Fine Uploader javascript library.

This server supports


Go 1.6.1 (should work with previous versions with minor tweaks) No additional dependencies

Getting Started

Server installation

Run go get pointing to the repository,

$ go get github.com/FineUploader/fineuploader-go-server

Compile and install

$ cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/FineUploader/fineuploader-go-server
$ go install

Run the server

$ $GOPATH/bin/fineuploader-go-server

Server start up flags

You can configure the server on start up with the below flags,

Flag Default value Description
p 8080 Listening port
d uploads Root upload directory


$ $GOPATH/bin/fineuploader-go-server -p 9000 -d myuploaddir

Server endpoints

Method Endpoint Usage
POST /upload Upload file end point. Will create <root_upload_directory>/qquuid directory and store the received file inside. Refer to request.endpoint
DELETE /upload Deletes the uploaded file based on the qquuid parameter. Refer to deleteFile.endpoint
POST /chunksdone Builds original file based on received chunks for the received qquuid parameter. Refer to chunking.success.endpoint

Fine Uploader library

Go to the Download section of the Fine Uploader website for instructions on how to get the library.

Go to the Demos section for Fine Uploader configuration examples.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.