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Pythess Ionic Demo

Getting set up

Make sure you have nodejs (and npm) installed. Then install cordova and ionic:

npm install -g cordova ionic

So what is Ionic?

Ionic is a command line utility and javascript/css framework for creating phone apps that look and feel like their native counterparts.

It uses Apache Cordova to provide device APIs to applications written in html/javascript. Ionic css and javascript then provides the look and feel of each platform's native toolkits.

So an Ionic app is an AngularJS application running in a webview on your phone (with access to device apis!)

Hello, Thessalonika!

Lets start a new ionic application:

ionic start helloSalonika tabs

Now a new ionic project has been installed in helloSalonika. Let's cd to that directory and launch the development server:

cd helloSalonika/ && ionic serve

Play around with the source code. The dev server auto reloads whenever you save a file. Satisfied? Let's run it on our phone.

Running on our device

This step requires you have your devices SDK installed. Android, for example, requires android-sdk which can be found here.

Add the android platform:

ionic platform add android

Now run the application (make sure your phone is plugged in)

ionic run android --device

Our application is installed and running. Mobile development isn't that hard, is it?

iOS users can add the ios platform using ionic platform add ios however it is still necassary to use Xcode to build the application. Sorry :(

Pythess Chat demo

In the ionicChat directory there is a demo Ionic chat app. It uses websockets to pass messages using the program.

To test it out, you can just visit:

Or, cd to in the directory and run the development server:

ionic serve

If you want to run it on your phone, first add your platform:

ionic add platform android

Then add the media plugin (for chat sounds):

ionic plugin add

Now you are ready to build and deploy the app:

ionic run android --device