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* Check if loading a library with many albums takes long, in which case blocking the runloop should stop once enough groups have been loaded to fill the screen.
* Check if loading an album with many photos takes long, in which case we should load enough photos to fill the screen then show the assets picker and the async load the rest of the photos.
* On a device without camera it's called 'Saved Photos', on a device with camera it's called ‘Camera Roll’.
* If the user has a different language than English, the camera roll is obviously called different as well. Is it always the last group in the list?
* Go through all labels to ensure they are the same as in UIImagePickerController
* The photo count after an album name should not be in bold.
* Check for more hardcoded strings that need to use NSLocalizedString
* Cleanup rest of the code
* Change class prefix ELC => FT
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